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Error message at boot up

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Manwhore, Jun 26, 2005.

  1. Manwhore

    Manwhore Private E-2

    Error message reads "110-Out if memory space for option ROMs. The option ROM for the following device was unable to run due to memory constraints. If you choose to continue, one or more PCI devices may not work properly.


    then it also gives me boot options like F9(BOOT MENU) F10(SETUP ETC.

    I am not positive but am quite certain that this problem stems from when i was in my setup utility(u know f10) i selected the option of "set defaults and exit". i did a bad thing didn't I ???

    plz help you kind souls out there! thanks in advance

    3.2 p4
    2 gb ram
    nvidia 5950 ultra 256 mb
    audigy 2
    160 gb hd
    need more just let me know!
  2. A.Son

    A.Son Sergeant

    Chaing your PCI card slot to others, maybe it help.

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