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Error "Unable to load Resources"

Discussion in 'Software' started by johnbb, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. johnbb

    johnbb Private E-2

    I am using Windows XP Home Edition Pack 2

    Recently I have needed to restore my system to a previous date, everything appears to work normally after restoring the system, EXCEPT when booting up I get the message Error "Unable to load Resources"

    Below the message is an "OK" button. I click it and continue as all appears normal.

    What does this message mean ? Should I do something about it ? If "yes" what ?
  2. Flushed

    Flushed Private E-2

    I would think that this is a piece of software that runs at your startup.
    You could try using a startup manager and disable all your programs that run at startup and see if it happens again.

    If all good, enable each one, one by one until you find the culprit. Then re-install this piece of software and all should be fine (I hope)

    A good simple startup manager is this one from Mike Lin (Free)
  3. johnbb

    johnbb Private E-2

    Thank you for your prompt reply and advise.

    I have downloaded the Startup Manager that you recommend, but have not yet run it.

    From your reply, am I correct in assuming that this "Resource" that has not been loaded, is not part of the Windows XP systems setup ?
  4. Flushed

    Flushed Private E-2

    I cant say for definate that its not a windows program, but if this is the first time youve had this problem at any time then i doubt that it is.

    If after you`ve done the above steps it still happens, then we`ll have to look into the windows side of things.
  5. johnbb

    johnbb Private E-2

    Yet again thanks for the rapid reply.

    Don't you sleep ? Whilst it is 10 AM here, in UK it must be 2 AM !

    I'll endevour to keep you posted.


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