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Excel 2010 sheet tabs

Discussion in 'Software' started by sharpconnect, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. sharpconnect

    sharpconnect Private E-2

    At my work office I have Excel 2010. We all use Dell laptops. We have been using this version of Excel for 1-2 months now.

    We are viewing a file in excel [sent via email from another coworker whose file is ok.]
    Cannot see the sheet tabs in the lower left corner of the screen. How do we get them back?

    Also, scrolling bars at bottom and right of screen have disappeared. How to make them visible agian?

    Would appreciate any help you can give us to fix these 2 items. Thanks.:cry can't get to all the info in the file without looking at the other sheets.
  2. cachehiker

    cachehiker Private E-2

    I only have Excel 2007 at home. It's Excel 2010 here at work so I might be a little off with a little bit of this.

    Is the page you can see a graph, a table, a report, an embedded object, or ? Are you looking at it in Normal View, Print View, Full View, or ? Are you opening the file as a local copy or as an attachment?

    Can you see the close button (an X) and the maximize button (a square) in the top right hand corner of your spreadsheet? Does clicking on the maximize button help?

    Go to File -> Excel Options -> Advanced and scroll about halfway down. What is checked where it says Display Options for this Workbook?
  3. sharpconnect

    sharpconnect Private E-2

    it is a table. was sent to us in email attachment. opened attachment to view. per person who sent it there should be about 4-5 tabs at the bottom labeled/named different dates. Was in Normal view. Tried page layout - nothing.

    When I tried page break view, the tabs appeared. I then tried to save it to the desktop as copy of xyz. The first time I opened it, I saw all the tabs.

    But we lost the bar at the top [file, home, insert, etc. and what is under these tabs on top]. Am unable to get that bar back. When tried to reopen file so K could work on it, the tabs were no longer there.

    Display settings:
    Recent docs 25
    ruler inches
    boxes checked are
    show all windows in taskbar
    show formula bar
    show function screen tips
    for cells w/ comments, show indicators only, and comments on hover
    default direction: left to right.

    Display options for this workbook:
    show horizontal scroll bar
    show vertical scroll bar
    show sheet tabs
    group dates in auto filter menu
    for objects show all

    display options for worksheet:
    show row & column headers
    show a zero in cells that have zero value
    show outline sumbols if an outline is applied
    show gridlines

    The file opens on my computer correctly. I can see scroll bars and tabs at bottom.
    I told K the problem was settings on her computer but I don't know which one is the problem.
  4. sharpconnect

    sharpconnect Private E-2

    Just to clarify, it more of a report, than a table, that combines figures from several different files. It opens correctly on my computer but not on K's. Again, the side and bottom scroll bars are missing. Also, the bar with commands across the top in Excel 2010 is not there. Unsure how to restore the bars.

    Found but I can't use these instructions

    "If you widen the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of a worksheet, you may unintentionally hide some or all of the sheet tabs. If this happens, point to the button next to the left of the scroll bar: "

    because the buttons next to the left and/or right of the scroll bar are missing on K's computer so can't do this until I find these buttons again.
  5. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    Exactly what "button" are you talking about? On K's computer, is the horizontal scrollbar hiding some or all of the sheet tabs?

    If you right click on the arrows in the lower left corner of Excel, it displays a list of the sheet tabs. From that list, you can select a tab. See attached image (from Excel 2007):

    Attached Files:

  6. sharpconnect

    sharpconnect Private E-2

    That's the problem. The arrows have also disappeared!!!

    The button I referred to was the one that make the scroll bar longer or shorter - there wa a little on left and on right before they disappeared with the arrows.

    IT guy finally got here. He figured out that while Excel was maximized, the actual file was smaller [not minimized] and had been pushed partly off the screen to the right side. Once he brought it back, the other worksheets in the file appeared! :major
  7. beccapie

    beccapie Private E-2

    just in case you can also do View tab and click "new window" :)

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