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excel vba converter and installation

Discussion in 'Software' started by rhinoceros, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. rhinoceros

    rhinoceros Private E-2

    I am running Excel2007 with windows Vista. I have an add-in from an older version of Excel that I would like to use. In trying to install it I have run into problems.

    It seems that Excel 2007 cannot read VBA sripts from older versions of Excel. When opening files that include VBA, I get an error message describing the problem. I have followed this to Microsoft, and downloaded their "VBA converter pack." It is a single file of type *.bin. I have no idea how to use it. Please help!
  2. Cordialis

    Cordialis MajorGeek

    Do you know what it is? I mean do you know what you have saved inside that document?
  3. rhinoceros

    rhinoceros Private E-2

  4. Cordialis

    Cordialis MajorGeek

  5. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    Exactly what version is that older version?
  6. rhinoceros

    rhinoceros Private E-2


    The link you offered is for a different converter--to allow users of older versions of Excel to open files created with the newer version. Mine is an issue of forward compatibility. I find it surprisng that even Microsoft would create a new version of a product without full forward compatibility.

    The one non-trivial property shown for the file is that it opens with "Windows Common Shell DLL." I find this unhelpful since I have only used dll's in conjunction with other executable files.

    usaf vet:

    The previous version of excel, with which this add-in worked, was excel 2000. But I had brought it forward from yet older versions. When it was created, Windows95 was the prevailing operating system
  7. Cordialis

    Cordialis MajorGeek

  8. rhinoceros

    rhinoceros Private E-2

    The CD burn approach failed. I tried both "mastered" and "file access" formats. The same page suggest various programs to open .bin files. I Installed PowerISO but it doesn't recognize the file.

    Anyway, that .bin file is for Macintosh (according to microsoft). So I think I need something different.

    I have to believe this is a fairly common problem. I expect lots of people use excel add-ins. They can't be happy about abandoning previous work when they "upgraded?!" to Office 2007.

    Do you know of other forums focused on excel? I expect I would learn a lot of other good stuff there too.
  9. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

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