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External exception error...

Discussion in 'Software' started by alexsicil, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. alexsicil

    alexsicil Private E-2

    Hello I am brand new to this forum and pretty green when it comes to computers so I'll apologize in advance for my ignorance! Within the past two days I have been receiving this error "external exception E06D7363". It has only been popping up when trying to use a dvd backing up software (1clickdvdcopy). I have tried the forum for this software without much luck with this particular problem. I did a search on this forum for this same error and it was linked with a Linksys card which I do no have. I am using Windows XP and I have a DLink wireless card. Please let me know if you have any ideas or if you need some more info. Thanks!
  2. evilevets

    evilevets Sergeant Major

    Well, the error is probably being caused by the DVD software, but most likely due to a conflict with a peice of hardware.

    I'd actually start by removing the D-Link card and then trying to run the DVD backup software, and see if the error occurs.

    In what order did you install the following... D-Link card, DVD backup software, DVD drive?

    If you use the DVD drive with a different program, say Nero or Roxio, does the problem occur?

    Question, is the DVD drive internal or connected via USB/Firewire?

  3. alexsicil

    alexsicil Private E-2

    Thanks, it appears that my husband had done some fiddling with Nero over the past week and I have no idea what he did! I just deleted Nero for now and reinstalled the dvdcopy software and now things appear to be okay. Thanks for the suggestions though.

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