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Favourite Web Sites now return "Navigation Cancelled"

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by BygAuldByrd, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. BygAuldByrd

    BygAuldByrd Private E-2

    Here's the setup:

    ADSL Modem Router (D-Link DSL-502T) connected to a Wireless Router (Linksys WRT54G) which has 2 computers connected via wireless and 1 hard wired.

    Here's the problem:

    Up until last Thursday I was able to access all the web sites I desired, including many that I accessed everyday, eg my bank accounts, stock reports etc:)

    Last Thursday that all changed. Suddenly I can access only some of my favourite web sites - the unimportant ones! In some cases I can access the home page, eg of my broker, but cannot logon - always receiving a "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" error message:(

    Also, I cannot send e-mails! But, thankfully, I can receive them.

    This problem occurred simulatneously on all three computers connected to my LAN.

    So, I can access:
    - http://www.microsoft.com
    - http://www.weather.com.au/nsw/bogangar/current
    - http://www.microsoft.com/australia/
    - http://forum.majorgeeks.com/ (thankfully:))

    But I can't access my:confused:
    - ISP: www.dodo.com.au
    - bank: www.citibank.co.th
    - bank: https://www.scbeasy.com/easy1-3/skin2003/eng/home.asp

    I've run:
    - A detailed AVG anti virus scan - nothing found
    - Counterspy - a few non critical tracking cookies found
    - Ad-Aware - a few non critical tracking cookies found
    - Spy Sweeper - a few non critical tracking cookies found
    - SpyBot S&D - a few non critical tracking cookies found
    - ZoneAlarm Antispyware - a few non tracking critical cookies found

    No trojans or the like found.

    I've checked the setup of:- IE 7
    - AVG
    - ZoneAlarm
    - the DSL Modem/router
    - the wireless router

    I've checked Task Manager for unknown processes - none found

    I'm running WinXP SP2 (fully updated), IE 7 RC1, Outlook 2003, Postcast Server Pro (for sending e-mails), ZoneAlarm and AVG Antivirus and they are always operative and up to date. The other malware detectors i've run have all been updated before searching for the source of my problem.

    I used VisualRoute to trace some of the problem web sites with the attached results - all suggested Port 80 is being blocked.

    I've tried without success on both of the computers running Windows XP SP2(the third is running Win98 and is oh so slooow):

    - Shutting down ZoneAlarm and AVG Anti-virus - no improvement
    - Resetting my DSL Modem/Router and Wireless Router to factory defaults and resetting with only necessary settings - no improvement

    I called my ISP and their suggestion was "You got malware on your system" - they couldn't/wouldn't comprehend that three computers all suddenly suffered the same problem at exactly the same time, regardless of how they are/were used. (The Win98 machine only does streaming music from www.Live365.com - that's all it's good for now!)

    Can anyone shed some light on this problem - it's really beaten me this time and I'm getting desparate to see how my bank account is standing and my stocks are trading.

    Attached Files:

  2. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    Ok, here's how I would track this down. I'd get the permission to do this from all the admins involved, though, as what I'm going to describe will be detected by most IDS's as an intrusion attempt.

    I would run a standard traceroute to see what hosts lie on the path from you to the server in question. Then, I'd run an nmap idlescan ( see http://www.insecure.org/nmap/idlescan.html ) using each host on the path as the zombie along the way. This can allow you to find where port 80 is being blocked.

    WOULD FIRST try bypassing the router ....see if it is blocking the port.
  3. BygAuldByrd

    BygAuldByrd Private E-2

    Thanks for the suggestion - I'm now trying to get my head around nmap and the related utilities, never tried that sort of stuff before.

    A couple of points I didn't mention in my original post:
    • my LAN is a "home" LAN, thus I am the sucker with the "administrator" role; and
    • I tried connecting one of my computers direct to the ADSL modem and the problem persists, thus ruling out the wireless router as the cause of the problem.

    Still searching for a solution to my vexing situation:confused:
  4. BygAuldByrd

    BygAuldByrd Private E-2

    Logged on this morning to continue my search for the cause of my problem, only to find there was no longer a problem:)

    I had determined that I did not have a problem with any of my computers, wireless router or ADSL Modem/router. I was able to dialup through an alternate ISP and could access every web site I desired (and send e-mails to all and sundry). I also found that using my ISP's local dialup number suffered the same problem. What really determined for me that it was not my problem was that my sister visiting from interstate and who uses the same ISP (Dodo Australia) suffered exactly the same problems as I while staying with me over the past couple of days when she tried connecting through our ISP's local dialup number or through my LAN. She did not suffer the problem when dialing up through her home dialup number interstate.

    Of course, my ISP has not acknowledged that he had a problem:rolleyes: - would any ISP?

    So, thanks to all who read and considered my problem, even those that did not have any suggestions of are solution and especial thanks to TimW for his suggestions.

    The worse of it is that I still don't know the cause of the problem, and it cost me (and others) a lot of wasted time searching for the cause/solution.

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