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File accessed history

Discussion in 'Software' started by Dpark81, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Dpark81

    Dpark81 Private E-2

    Hello and thank you ahead of time for any feedback in advance.

    basically i wish to know information in which i dont know if it is obtainable.
    while i was away from my pc. It seems that someone else has accessed my pc.
    and i have this feeling that this person accessed personal files and i wish to know if he actually had. For example *.doc files, Jpeg files and excel files. i was wondering if there was a way to actually see a log of if certain files were accessed at what time. And on top of that is there a way to actually see if files were sent out via mail from the pc?

    My platform is windows xp.. if there is a way and someone knows of how to see what files were accessed date and time. i would be most grateful

    Thank you.
  2. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

    Right click on the file, don't open - Properties will tell you when last accessed, or you can sort files by date and that will tell you what was opened when you were out of town.
  3. Amjad

    Amjad Corporal

    First, enable viewing of hidden files and folders.
    Then go to:
    C:\Documents and Settings\(Your account)\Local Settings\History

    change C:\ to your system drive, of course.

    and there you go! A detailed list sorted by days and dates for every single file accessed on your computer.

    This only works if the person who accessed your computer was a rookie and didn't delete them already. ;)

    Tell me what you've found.

  4. Plaphon

    Plaphon Specialist

    start->my recent documents
    u'll see all last opened documents
  5. jewlzs

    jewlzs Corporal

    If you log on with your own user account and password:

    Keep ALL personal files under your user name / my documents

    If you do not log on with your own user account and password:

    create a folder under my documents - password protect it and drag and drop all personal folder there - NOTE other can see the files but cant open them.

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