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Firefox Google / Bing redirect

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by Farrukh, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. Farrukh

    Farrukh Private E-2

    Hi all, I'm a new member to the forum but i have used this forum many times to help me with my issues before and its great!!

    Recently my dad went on the web and went to his sites, i dont even know where. when i got back on the computer i went through the Avira Events logs and it showed mulitple detections so i ran full system scans, found warnings and infections which it all fixed. also ran malware bytes and removed all the infections, but the problem is still here. when i use google or bing, my web is redirected to a site, and then immediately redirected again. the main one is "seachfindsite".

    I read through the "Read and Run me First" procedures, and also the "windows XP Cleaning Procedure" religiously. The only thing i did different was i ran malwarebytes this morning, and rest the tests in the afternoon. malwarebytes did not find anything. here are my logs. i think these are what u need, if anything is missing, plz let me know. I just need to make sure that this virus, malware, hijacker or what ever it is, is out of my system. thanks for any help in advance.

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  2. Farrukh

    Farrukh Private E-2

    More logs... These are from SUPERantiSpyware and MalwareBytes.

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  3. TimW

    TimW MajorGeeks Administrator - Jedi Malware Expert Staff Member

    Please put ComboFix directly on your desktop, not as you have it here:
    c:\documents and settings\Farrukh\My Documents\Downloads\ComboFix.exe

    It appears as though Combo may have tried to repair a system file, but I want to be sure, so please do the following:

    * Please download TDSSKiller to your Desktop
    * Extract its contents to your Desktop so that you have TDSSKiller.exe directly on your Desktop and not in any subfolder of the Desktop.
    * Click Start > Run and copy/paste the following bold command into Run box and hit Enter.

    "%userprofile%\Desktop\TDSSKiller.exe" -v

    * Follow the instructions to type in "delete" when it asks you what to do when if finds something.
    * When done, a log file should be created on your C: drive named something like TDSSKiller.2.1.1_27.12.2009_14.17.04_log.txt which is based on the program version # and date and time run. Please attach this log to your next reply.

    Use add/remove programs to uninstall your old version of Java:
    J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 Update 6

    Then use windows explorer to find and delete:
    C:\Documents and Settings\Farrukh\Local Settings\temp\flashgot.3va5mwit.default
    C:\Documents and Settings\Farrukh\Local Settings\temp\log.txt
    C:\Documents and Settings\Farrukh\Local Settings\temp\RAR$EX02.562

    Please re-run ComboFix once you have moved it to your desktop.

    Now run the C:\MGtools\GetLogs.bat file by double clicking on it (Note: if using Vista, don't double click, use right click and select Run As Administrator).

    Then attach the below logs:
    * the log from running tdskiller.
    * C:\ComboFix.txt
    * C:\MGlogs.zip

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