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Firefox Popup """" http://ad.yieldmanager.com

Discussion in 'Software' started by bismarcktirpitz, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. bismarcktirpitz

    bismarcktirpitz Private E-2

    So, i have this popup in firefox that keeps on pointing at yieldmanager. I thought it was spyware at first, and i posted in the malware section, but i can say to a certain degree that the computer is clean. i am starting to think it is some kind of bug in firefox... this is the link to the malware thread... in case you want to flow what we did.

    Firefox Popup """" http://ad.yieldmanager.com

    any ideas?

  2. Mada_Milty

    Mada_Milty MajorGeek

    Well sadly, even Firefox isn't immune to pop-ups anymore. (Actually for Firefox they're called "pop-unders" since they typically don't appear above the window you're currently surfing, but behind)

    Normal behaviour depending on the page you're visiting. (some pages are coded to do this) Since you have a clean bill of health from the malware guys, I'd say this is the most likely cause.

    I've managed to blast these specific ads (as well as numerous others) by installing the Ad Block Plus extension in Firefox. This uses a subscription-based filter list to block advertisements before your browser is told to render them.

    Since it is list-based, there will be the odd NEW advertisement that hasn't made it to the blacklist yet (I've seen all of 2 in MONTHS AND MONTHS), but you can easily add it with a right-click, and never see that ad again.

    Great extension. I've yet to get a single pop-up since I installed it.
  3. bismarcktirpitz

    bismarcktirpitz Private E-2

    hey ... i ll give it a try... if it blocks this pesky one ... then its a damn good one :) hope mozilla issues this in the next version... i m so used of not ever seeing a popup that its driving me nuts hehe
  4. bismarcktirpitz

    bismarcktirpitz Private E-2

    it worked :)

    thanks a lot
  5. woordje

    woordje Private E-2

    I had a slightly different problem with yieldmanager, though I thought it was the same judging from the thread in the malware section. When I was visiting Facebook or Neopets, I incessantly got authentication boxes popping up. They claimed I had to login to ad.yieldmanager.com. It took me a long time to figure out what was going on, but I found it (reinstalling Firefox and all my addons was a waste of time):
    • Spybot added ad.yieldmanager.com to my hosts file, redirecting it to, which is my internal IP (as you all know :))
    • I have IIS running on my laptop, as I'm an Asp.Net developer, and I configured it to require authentication
    I added localhost and to the trusted URI's in the configuration of Firefox, so they use ntlm authentication. No more authentication boxes!
  6. Bold Eagle

    Bold Eagle MajorGeek

    Mada_Mitty has given a fine add-on. Personally I like No-Script, not only does it function as an ad-blocker (possibly not as good as Ad-Block Plus) but it also gives added security by blocking scripts (some can be the malicious type as in drive-by-surfs) while allowing the user to add the level of scripts available for trusted sites(including Java based activity).
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