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folding again

Discussion in 'Software' started by mr_flea, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. mr_flea

    mr_flea First Sergeant

    I've decided to start folding again since my computer is pretty much on 24/7 now. Probably won't get much done because I have almost constant 25% cpu usage and only a 1.4 ghz processor, but I can try to beat some people anyway. :p

    yes this is a pointless thread, feel free to hijack it...
  2. Robster12

    Robster12 The Horse Whisperer

    ah, the venerable mr_flea!

    How are you, Sir? Kicking the machine in the butt again, eh?
    Rock-n-Roll, Mister! ;)
  3. mr_flea

    mr_flea First Sergeant

    I'm doing well. I never stop kicking it in the butt, that's how I recently lost a hard drive. :D

    thankfully, it knew it was dying and told me...

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