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Force programs to run in Window Mode?

Discussion in 'Software' started by SnowCat, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. SnowCat

    SnowCat Private E-2


    Is there a way to force a program to run in windowed mode?
    Theres a game (Legend Of Mir) that runs fullscreen on 800x600 [old game] and i want to run it in window mode.

    I tryed the '"path/game.exe" -w' trick that sometimes works, but it doesnt this time sadly...
    Theres a scripting program (auto it) that i used to make Lineage2 run in window, but doesnt work with mir...

    Is there any other way to make it run in a window, with some program maybe?

    (PS: i know i could do it with Virtual PC but running another WindowsXP inside winXP just to run it in a window doesnt seem logical...)

    Thanks for your help!
  2. SnowCat

    SnowCat Private E-2


    there HAS to be a way!!!!
    Please help!
  3. Clark_Kent

    Clark_Kent MajorGeek

    I don't think so it has to be program to run in windows mode.....

    Unless you run some kind of emulators....
  4. SnowCat

    SnowCat Private E-2

    yeah but what emulators could do this???
    i need a programs name please
  5. erikske

    erikske Sergeant

  6. BlueWolf

    BlueWolf Private E-2

    I've looked all over for something called a "framer" which takes a program and puts it into a window but the only thing I could find was this program that was made for FFXI online and ONLY that program. I couldn't do anything to change it. Now there was another program that I found from a german company a long time ago that would let you force programs into windowed mods but I remember it didn't work on practically anything.

    One final solution:
    I wanted to play Diablo 1 and I have a dual screen setup. Diablo crashes if you run with 2 screens so I tried to find a program that would let it run diablo windowed much like Diablo II is windowed... but nothing worked. I finally found out that Microsoft was giving our their Virtual PC program for free. Now it doesn't work on Vista yet but if you have an extra XP key laying around you can do that... As you can imagine, emulating XP over an already-running XP OS is extremely heavy on the resources. I have 2gb ram, amd3500+ and 7800GToc and it still ran diablo 1 a little clunky.

    As far as I know there is no desirable answer to the problem :/

    Are you programmers listening!? I hope so! I would gladly pay for a program that could force and emulate games into a window! Man that would be so awesome.
  7. SnowCat

    SnowCat Private E-2

    Yes, the First solution was Virtual PC for me also, but as you said, it needs a LOT of resources, so i went on and looked for another program, and found "VMware workstation" witch is just like Virtual PC, but a whole lot faster (got like almost the duble FPS with it)
    Im sure u could play Diablo 1 with it without it being slow.
  8. noisound

    noisound Private E-2

    sorry for digging back up this old thread but i was hoping to find out how to run legend of mir, also. i got a copy of vmware workstation and went along to making a virtual pc. i installed winxp again and tried to run lom from my system program files through vm shared folders but i got a dialog box saying:
    "Sorry, this application cannot run under a virtual machine."

    i needed to juggle/conserve hard drive space because i am low on it

    i was bothered that i couldnt get lom to work. i havent tried other apps because mainly i wanted to get lom to work. i then added my physical hard drive to the virtual pc in the mix and tried to run lom as if it were on a separate partition. the same msg shows up. =[

    it was then i realized that the "real" way to emulate a pc was to use the system hard drive itself (getting desparate..? lol). in the back of my mind i knew there would be bad things to come but i was getting on a roll. i made my 2nd virtual pc, but i had to re-add the physical hard drive then remove it like i added a hard drive in my 1st virtual pc. it was interesting to see my pc within a pc and what other potential things i can do, but down to business. i ran lom and.. the same msg shows up.

    realizing that these efforts were in vain im going to stop using vmware, esp using my physical hard drive as the virtual drive. T_T the 2nd virtual pc was like it was thrown into another pc trying to adapt/re-add the hardware/software..

    my question is, do all virtual pcs have this application limitation?

    @snowcat, hoping you're still around lol

    a year ago, did you manage to get lom to work in vmware ?
    Last edited: Oct 19, 2007
  9. SnowCat

    SnowCat Private E-2

    When i posted this i could play Mir in VMWare pretty nicely, and this allowed me to mine while it was minimised. And I spread the word that you could do this, and unfortunately it seems that the staff heard about it also, and so they changed mir so it wont run under a virtual PC anymore :(
    So now again im at a point where i cant make it run in a window.

    When they changed it i tested it again with Microsofts VirtualPC, and got the same message, so probably (and sadly) the answer to your question is yes.
    Altho im pretty sure theres a way to trick mir in the virtual pc to think its a real one, but i dont know how.
  10. noisound

    noisound Private E-2

    aw ty for coming back to your thread, lol.

    good to hear that you still play lom, if you do.
  11. sayuri-18

    sayuri-18 Private E-2

    i have a similliar problem, i'm working on a laptop with a small sized screen. therefore a lot of games are not playable. i can not see the bottem half of those games. most of them however DO have a windowed mode available. unfortunately they refuse to run on my laptop. has anyone found a way to force them yet?
    help would be much apreciated!
  12. AoiPengi

    AoiPengi Private E-2

    google 3danalyze, not only will this be able to force windowed mode for most games it'll also let you play games that normally wouldn't run on a lot of laptops by emulating things like hardware TnL, vertex shaders and pixel shaders.

    If you happen to have an intel express chipset that uses GMA 900 or 950 you could also get up to a 4x increase on you core speed with a prog called GMABooster.

    the chipsets in these laptops are under clocked to save on power consumption but they are completely capable higher speeds without increasing voltage to the chipset.

    In fact a 200mhz intel chip in a laptop is the same chip used on their motherboards that run at 400mhz

    of course if you don't have the intel set then GMABooster won't work

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