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Freemake Video Converter (freeware)

Discussion in 'Software' started by dlb, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    Once again, we have a new free video converter on the MG front page a couple of days ago, this time, it's the Freemake Video Converter. As some of the regulars to the forum might know (or might not know) is that I like to look at the new free video converter that appear here at MG. These aren't real "reviews", just my opinions after a single use. Well, with Freemake Video Converter, it looks like we're in a rut with the new "generation" of video converters. Just like the somewhat dismal Hamster Video Converter (read my thoughts about it in this thread), this Freemake Video Converter is really light on configurability. You cannot select a bit rate, you cannot set a custom aspect ratio, you cannot set a custom resolution, and when it comes to converting to the AVI format, you are given a pathetic total of 5 or 6 "presets", and only one of these is XViD. DivX is not an option (the other presets are for HD 1080i or 1080p; there were a couple others but at this point I was pretty disgusted and stopped paying attention). Again, this is VERY similar to Hamster: it may be OK for those out there that don't want to think about converting a video, those that don't want to be able to make ANY adjustments to the output. Visually, Freemake is different from Hamster, but the functionality is almost identical, and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they're built on the same "engine". I'll give Freemake 2 stars out of five. It does work, but it's slow, and with so many other MUCH BETTER video tools available, there's no need to use Freemake. HOWEVER- there is an editing feature that I didn't use. I'm assuming you can cut out sections of a clip, move sections around, join different clips (as long as they have identical encoding), but I didn't try the edit feature. I guess I can add a 3rd star simply for having the edit feature when most free video converters don't have this feature, but that's why we have 4 or 5 different flavors of Virtual Dub, right?

    Just heads up, just my opinion, to be taken "with a pinch of salt" (and a lime and a shot of tequila! ;) )

  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    One thing to add: I ran a 650mb AVI thru Freemake Video Converter. I made no changes to any of the video's specs (I couldn't - there's no way to change anything). I simply ran it thru and used the "TV -XViD" preset. It took 25 minutes. The exact same 650mb file took less than 6 minutes when run thru the WinX Video Converter, plus with WinX, I changed the bit rate, went from XViD to DivX (yeah- they're almost identical, but the point is I made some changes), and changed the resolution slightly (I shaved 5 pixels off both the width and length; not enough to make the output look weird, but enough to make the converter do some computing). Only 6 minutes with several (somewhat minor) changes, versus 25 minutes with virtually no changes.... hmmmmm.... oh, the video converted with Freemake was WAY out of sync. The audio was about 3 seconds ahead of the video. :(

    I guess I'll have to drop a star for the dismal audio results . . . Freemake Video Converter is back to 2 stars, and it should probably only get 1 star, but I'm gonna keep the star I added for the untested "Edit" feature, simply because it's there....
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2010
  3. clemenzina

    clemenzina Private E-2

    I use Freemake Video Converter almost exclusively to trim .asf video streams and upload to YouTube. I'm really pleased with it and would be delighted if only it did "crop".

    It's not fast but I've only just started doing anything with video so I don't know any better. Tipard will do what I want but it's not free. If anyone can recommend another free program that's simple to use and does do crop as well as trim and extract, I'd be very grateful.

  4. quatermass

    quatermass Private E-2

    V2.3.3 is pretty good. It's still free and you can tailor profiles to suit yourself.

    The only odd thing is got a set of R2 DVDs of the "The Avengers 1967 issue one and two". Freemake insists in choosing the French sound track (it is in english with a 2nd French sound track) and when you ask it to make a AVI file of each of the 3 episodes on it. It cuts out the introduction opening scene/titles and at the end it misses out the end sequence/title.

    I can easily correct for this in Freemake. It's just odd it only does this with these discs. Other DVDs have been perfect in converting from VOD to XVid.

    So whilst not perfect, it allows me total control over my DVD collection. I highly recommend it.
  5. quatermass

    quatermass Private E-2

    Time to give it another look. V2.40 works pretty well and is configurable.


    Has a tendency to select the wrong audio track though if you ripping R2 DVDs, it ends up selecting the wrong language or commentators sound track by mistake. It basically tells you it's selected the UK audio track. But rips the last one in the drop down list instead. I've informed them of this bug.

    Just ripped 50+ DVDs from R1, R2 and R4 discs from my collection to put on a Media Player via AnyDVD. All seem fine. :cool
  6. quatermass

    quatermass Private E-2

    There is a web site that you can feed a YouTube URL and it converts the videos straight to MP3 for you and you just have to download it.

    No software to run other than your web browser. :-D

    Very quick to use too.


    Seems harmless and it's free.
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