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Fresh reinstall Windows xp- now have 2 versions-same laptop?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Snowhoney, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. Snowhoney

    Snowhoney Private E-2

    I reinstalled windows recently and did do it, but I noticed the space wasn't freed up on my laptop.

    So now I have 2 versions on the same laptop. Even though one of them I have reinstalled all that the fresh reinstalled took away.

    How do I free up the space on my hard drive with the other version that I am not going to use?

  2. Dacads

    Dacads Corporal

    IF you have two versions then you must have two drives, am I right?

    If correct then format the drive with the older version of windows on, this can be done my going onto My Computer, right clicking on the drive and clicking on Format.

  3. Snowhoney

    Snowhoney Private E-2

    Actually no! I do have 2 drives on another computer-desktop, but this one I only have one.
    What it did was create a partition separate from the first one when I did a fresh reinstall, because it said that I would loose information if I reinstalled on top of the other.
    Well then I choose a different folder to put it in and it applied all the files in it, and partitioned another section on the same hard drive.
    Ok then, I saw that then I had two versions, the first install was there and then this second one. So I choose one and begin to install some of my orginal programs, webroot spysweeper, etc, and this one is working great, better then great.
    So right now I am using Roxio GoBack3 to back up my system, since I know I want to delete the 2nd version of windows.
    I just have to make sure I choose the correct one to delete.
  4. Snowhoney

    Snowhoney Private E-2

    Oh Boy! I had a scare with that Roxio GoBack3, I call myself reading all the data before installing that, but WOE! That's what I got, more computer Woes. I had to disable that thing, and so far so good, because after my laptop restarted, it would not boot up.

    Roxio GoBack3 gave a option to disabled the thing, and that I did, and now my laptop is up and running again. I was
    able to 'go back to a earlier good configuration' (F8), and it worked.

    What a scare!! I'll wait for a answer to get rid of the 2nd version of windows.

  5. Snowhoney

    Snowhoney Private E-2

    It sure pays to read the threads.rolleyes I was reading a thread posted by sighlentex. . concerning "You mean reinstalling window does that?"


    Since I could not figure out which one of the versions of windows I want to delete and free up the harddrive by deleting that particuliar partition, well after reading over the info from the URL above, I do see were there are 2 installation folders. One of them I named "WindoEs". . " (NOT MISPELLED). . .the other is just "Windows".

    One of them I have installed other lost programs after the fresh install such as , Webroot Security Essentials, Picassa, Advanced SystemCare, etc, etc, etc, But the other one I have NOT installed any addition programs, it is a fresh install Operating System Windows XP, without installing the "Application and Drivers".

    So my question is, is there any way of telling which of the two "WindoEs" . . (NOT MISPELLED). . . or "Windows" that is the one WITHOUT the addition Programs, application and Drivers?

    Thanks for everyone's help!!;)


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