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getting remote desktop to use a specific connection

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lamborman, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. lamborman

    lamborman Private E-2

    I have a computer with 2 internet connections going to it. Using Windows 7 Ultimate.

    One connection is from a router. The router has a DynDNS set up on it, and I use that to remotely connect to this computer.

    The second internet connection is a Mobile Broadband dongle.

    What I want to be able to do is log into the computer using remote access through the router and then connect to the internet using the Mobile Broadband dongle.

    ATM what happens is as I connect to the mobile broadband I lose the connection. I think the computer starts using the Mobile broadband dongle as it's internet connection instead of the router, and I therefore get disconnected.

    I want to use the mobile broadband connection but still want to stay connected to remote desktop with my connection from the router....

    Is there some way to force remote desktop to only use the router connection and not switch to mobile broadband connection whenever I connect to it.

    Any help guys?

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