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google chrome stoped working

Discussion in 'Software' started by billybob1990, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    Hi this is my first thread im not sure if this is the correct place to put it if it isnt please delete it or move it.

    about a day ago my Google chrome got the Aw snap error on everypage i tryed everything to fix it nothing worked i then unistalled it then reinstalled still nothing. then yesterday the damn thing stopped working all together when ever i clicked the icon it said "google chrome has stopped working" so i unistalled it adn when i went to reinstall it before it finishes it says "google chrome has stopped working" so now i cant even download the thing. i did a virus scan on Mbam and comodo and they found nothing if anyone know whats wrong or a fix please tell me IE is slow as a mother and ima lose it soon.
  2. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    any help guys would be helpfull
  3. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    I've used Chrome for ages in both XP and in Win 7 and never had this error, in fact never even heard of it until you posted. But after reading some of the reams about it on the net, and it being abundantly clear there is no single cause, my advice would be to forget Chrome for the time being and use something else. Unless a system or image restore can fix it?
  4. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    you would think a system restore would fix it but it didnt im useing IE right now but good lord its slow and laggy, should i try firefox or somthing?
  5. Earthling

    Earthling Interplanetary Geek

    What version of IE? It isn't noted for being slow, in fact version 9 is currently about the fastest browser around, but it's not available for XP.

    By all means try Firefox, or perhaps an IE based browser such as Crazy Browser, which is reputedly quite fast. You can have several browsers on your system, you aren't confined to one.
  6. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    i have IE 9 and its slow as hell for me. so idk whats wrong i also get the WerFault.exe Windows problem reporting in task manager when ever i close it and they stack up to the most i seen was 10 times and that starting to annoy me. soo idk whats wrong with my comp atm
  7. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    well thats proably bad, i downloaded firefox ad now it say the saem thing as google chrome "fire fox has stopped working" so IE is the only thing thats works as of right now now im getting worried
  8. Gen.

    Gen. Private E-2


    Just faced the same problem, found out its cuz of Siteadvisor extension

    it had seemed to have updated itself both on firefox and chrome ..

    firefox worked fine .. but chrome ended up giving this above error

    go to tools in the chrome options and then click extensions and 'disable' site advisor

    worked for me .. will try to reinstall site advisor on chrome again cuz i like to know the ratings of the sites i visit .. on re-enabling that darned error comes back

    anywho .. lets hope a reinstall of site advisor will let me use it on chrome as before ..

    hope this helped ..

  9. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    i would do that but i cant even open google chrome. when ever i try and ope it it says " Google chrome has stopped working" i tryed to download firfox but it gives me the same message " fire fow has sopped working" so now im stuck with IE9 and it SUCKS so bad. idk what to do to fix it
  10. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    Start FF in safe mode by doing the following:
    In the run box type
    firefox -safe-mode
    I assume you are running either Vista or Win 7 because IE 9 won't install on XP.
    Please mention what version of windows you are using.
  11. billybob1990

    billybob1990 Private E-2

    i have vista 64bit now im in safe mode and when i click on google chrome it said my prefences where curupt but it opend it anyways. i aloso dont have site advisor on my chrome.
  12. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    You were to launch the safe mode of Firefox not reboot to windows safe mode.

    I don't use google chrome so I can't help with that, only Firefox.

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