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GRAW2 game problem pls help "corrupt gamefile"

Discussion in 'Software' started by nightswallow, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. nightswallow

    nightswallow Private E-2

    I just bought GRAW 2 for my pc I installed the file and when I went to play the game I received a "corrupt file: game file is corrupt pls reinstall" msg

    I have updated bios/chipset, audio, video, directx, and several other features on my computer to no avail. I have uninstalled/ reinstalled the game at least 10 times from 2 seperate dvds.

    I purchased the game from best buy i returned original game and received a new unopened package same problem.

    The game will run on my laptop from game disc or demo download from filefront but not playable due to inadequate processor speed on laptop.

    Game will not run on my desktop; neither the purchased game nor the demo without giving me the corrupt game file msg.

    System Specs:

    CPU: 2 processors running - Intel Pentium 4 cpu 2.80GHz
    CPU Speed: 2.80 GHz Performance Rated at 4.20 GHz
    RAM: 1023.3 MB
    OS: Winxp sp2 build 2600
    Video: ATI Radeon x1600
    RAM 512.0 MB
    3d acceleration
    HW Transform & Lighting
    Vertex shader 3.0
    Pixel Shader 3.0
    Driver Version
    Audio: RealTek a97
    driver version
    DVD: HP DVD Writer 1040i "brand new"

    Additionally, I just finished installing the new dvd-drive and when i go to install the software included with it "Nero" it tells me i need to update my directx i tell it to install and it says that installation failed try installing at another time. I went to microsoft and tried to download it from there and i recieved this msg during the install.

    A cabinet file necessary for instalation cannot be trusted. Please verify the cryptographic services are enabled and the cabinet file certificate is valid.

    I have been trying for 5 days to get this to work i have been to HP suppport, UBI support. aSUS support and i am extremly frustrated because all i wanted to do was play a game.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

  2. nightswallow

    nightswallow Private E-2

    I figured out what my problem was i had to go to control panal. In the control panel I went to Administrative tools then to local security policies. From there i went to security option then to Software Restriction Policies and clicked on the trusted publishers policy. I changed this from Local Computer Administrators to End User and that fixed my problem. It also allowed me to install Directx9.0c without getting the error:

    "A cabinet file necessary for instalation cannot be trusted. Please verify the cryptographic services are enabled and the cabinet file certificate is valid."

    I figured i'd post this in case anyone else ran into the same problem. and to thank you all for your help

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