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Grinding Noise

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pompeylol, May 11, 2009.

  1. pompeylol

    pompeylol Private E-2

    Hey guys, I logged on this morning to my pc and started to play a game and all of a sudden every few minutes the game would just crash for 10 seconds or so then be fine. When the crash happened i couldn't press Ctrl+Alt+Del so i know it wasn't the actual game itself crashing or losing connection etc.

    So then i decided to take off my headset and try see if there was any strange noises and there was a really weird grinding noise for 2-3 seconds.. then game pc crashes then 10 seconds later everything is perfectly fine.

    Anybody had this issue or know any solutions? If you need any additional information don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks in advance, Pompey.
  2. pompeylol

    pompeylol Private E-2

    Oh my god, not long after writing this thread... Now my PC just turned itself off without any warning, bleeps or grinding noises. Didn't even reboot, just switched itself off.

    When i boot up my PC, i don't get no errors, it boots up as quick as it ever has.

    Microsoft XP S3 Pro

    Intel core 2 DUO CPU
    E4600 @ 2.40ghz
    2GB RAM

    Graphics; Nvidia Geforce 9600GT
  3. pompeylol

    pompeylol Private E-2

    Now, it's shutting down more often by itself now.

    I had no problems yesterday :(
  4. Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin Private First Class

    Open up your tower, make sure there isn't anything loose.
  5. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire


    I think your hard disk is dying, bad data or bad blocks - time to find a friend close to home to use another PC to recover any data :(

    Try to use another PC to let us know what's happening, using the current PC will only make it worse, I think.

    Good luck.
  6. pompeylol

    pompeylol Private E-2

    Well, i took out the ram and used a rubber on the ram don't think it's anything to do with that. Pulled out all the wires connected to the tower, blew and plugged back in. Took out the graphics card, plugged back in and all the fans are working.

    Downloaded SpeedFan and my GPU is 42C, Core 32C.

    I don't know if it's just been luck or it is the problem but since the pc last shut itself down i haven't turned on the game i play and I've had no grinding noises or shutdowns.

    Do you think it's worth trying the game again and see if the temperature rises?
  7. Recycle Bin

    Recycle Bin Private First Class

    Unless you have a few hundred dollars to blow off on a new computer then no. It's not worth it.
  8. pompeylol

    pompeylol Private E-2

    I have enought money to buy a new pc, but i'd rather not considering this one was working perfectly fine yesterday.

    Somebody mentioned it could be something to do with my HDD, Believe it or not i changed the sata cables for my HDD from my other pc in the house and i've not had any shutdowns or grinding noises. So it's either the cables itself or they became lose so bit later i'll swap the cables back over and find out.

    Thanks for helps guys.
  9. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire


    The strange grinding noise may have been related to resizing of the Windows Pagefile - games usually need a large amount of Pagefile space to allocate chunks of working data to. If there is any 'bad' data in there, it will cause crashes similar to those you have described.

    If you right-click My Computer, choose Properties, Advanced, Performance Settings, Advanced, Virtual Memory Change - untick 'Automatically manage paging file ...', highlight your drive and select Custom size - make the Min and Max sizes 4092, click 'Set' and ok your way back out of there.

    You will need to reboot for it to take effect.

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