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Half Life 2 Ep1 C++ Runtime Error

Discussion in 'Software' started by voodootomato, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. voodootomato

    voodootomato Private E-2

    Now I'm hoping most of you guys are geniuses... because I'm having a problem that is making me want to buy a new PC - something I can't afford right now because I spent my last £20 on Half Life 2 Episode 1 - and I can't even play the damn thing.

    Okay, I have an Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz, 512 Mb RAM, I run Windows XP and an ATI Radeon 9800 XT with DirectX 9.0c, the latest 6.9 Catalyst from the ATI website and Half Life 2 used to work like a charm.

    I say used to because since I got back from a year in London and started using my parent's PC again neither Half Life 2 or Episode 1 will start up because of a runtime error which goes something like this:

    Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

    [C:\Program Files\Valve\SteamApps...hl2.exe]

    An application has made an attempt to load the C runtime libaray incorrectly. Please contact the application's support team for more information.

    Anybody got any ideas?

    I'm desperate to play this game!!!
  2. Higara7

    Higara7 Private E-2

    Souns like something new was installed when you were gone. I've had problems where a game won't work because another program was running.
    Any new programs you've noticed? I know it's been a year but it would be helpful to know. I'm betting once you end programs running that you don't need, the game will run fine. Either that, or the game needs to be reinstalled.
  3. voodootomato

    voodootomato Private E-2

    Well, I just tried shutting down all the programs that are running in the taskbar using msconfig in the Run section and still no joy.

    My Dad is notorious tinkerer, always installing new programs he doesn't use, so it could take ages to find out which one it is. Is there some way of finding out whihc program(s) are conflicting quickly and easily?

    If we were to format the hard drive completely... do you think that would help?
  4. Higara7

    Higara7 Private E-2

    Format? You are talking about a complete drive strip? Yes that would definently work. But I wouldn't suggest it if you have a lot of important data you will lose. Honestly, when I had that problem, I just kept disabling programs and changing settings until it worked. It took a few days to do...
  5. voodootomato

    voodootomato Private E-2

    But where do I start? How do I know which programs to target...? There must be a better way then just trial and error?

    How do you disable programs without uninstalling them?

    Thanks for your help btw.
  6. Higara7

    Higara7 Private E-2

    Some programs in the task bar can be disabled by right clicking on them and hitting EXIT or DISABLE. You know, I think you should copy any saved games, and put them in a safe place. Then reinstall the game, and put the saved games back in the right area. You wouldn't get any problems from having to re-register the game would you?
  7. voodootomato

    voodootomato Private E-2

    The thing is, I don't have any saved games because I can't get the thing to start... the error message comes up as Steam prepares to launch the game.

    So do you think this error is caused by a conflicting program in the taskbar that is running simultaneously when I try to start Half Life?
  8. Higara7

    Higara7 Private E-2

    You registered your game right? Because in order to be able to play the newer half-life games you have to register before you can play it. (they are trying to prevent piracy) It's a pain but worth it. If that isn't the case, the only other two possibilities is that a program is conflicting, or that some data was misread during instalation.
  9. voodootomato

    voodootomato Private E-2

    That's the weird thing, when trying to install the game I wasn't asked for my CD key... but I'm guessing I can't get that far because of the conflict causing the C++ error.

    Ah well, I'll just wait for the annual format my Dad usually does and play Ep1 and Ep2 together.
  10. Higara7

    Higara7 Private E-2

    Ok yea that is weird. Hope it works out.
  11. voodootomato

    voodootomato Private E-2

    Here's an automated reply I got from Steam:

    Please complete each of the following steps, making sure to reboot your computer and to try launching the game after each step is complete. These issues have been found to be some of the most likely causes of the error you are receiving.

    1. Update all video card and motherboard drivers, including your motherboard's BIOS. *NOTE* Be sure you are using the driver removal tool on your video card manufacturer's website to fully remove the old drivers before installing the new one, this step is necessary!**

    If you are not sure how to update your video card or motherboard drivers, please see these knowledge base articles:

    Title: Updating Video Drivers
    URL: http://support.steampowered.com/cgi.../std_adp.php?p_faqid=422&p_created=1136400422

    Title: Motherboard Information and Drivers
    URL: http://support.steampowered.com/cgi.../std_adp.php?p_faqid=193&p_created=1093739446

    2. Download and install the most up to date version of DirectX. The latest version can be found on Microsoft's DirectX website:


    3. Download the latest drivers for your sound card. Please visit your soundcard manufacturer's website (ie: http://www.creative.com) to find driver updates that may fix issues with Valve games. If you are using on-board sound through your motherboard, then drivers will be located on your motherboard manufacturer's website.

    4. Run Windows Update, located in your Windows Start Menu under "All Programs". You can also run Windows Update by visiting: http://update.microsoft.com/windowsupdate/v6/default.aspx?ln=en-us

    5. If none of the above works, disable the soundcard via device manager and try running the game. Please see this Microsoft Windows article for more information about disabling a device:


    If you still have the same crash after completing these steps, then please try the following:

    6. Right click the game name in the "My Games" menu in Steam, select "properties," then "launch options." Add the following line in the text bar for launch options:

    -nosound -window -dxlevel 70 +mat_forcehardwaresync 0

    If that launch option works, then remove -nosound and set the DirectX hardware sound acceleration to "BASIC." If you are not sure how to lower the hardware acceleration level, please read this Microsoft article:


    7. You will also want to run a memory test to be sure your RAM is not faulty. One popular free test application is linked below:


    8. In addition to checking your RAM, you will also want to verify your RAM's timing matches what it is set to in the BIOS. You will need to review what latency your RAM stick (be sure they match, for example: If your RAM is set to 3.0 timing in the bios then you should have 3.0 timed RAM in your PC). If you are not comfortable working in your BIOS, we recommend visiting your Motherboard manufacturer's website for manuals and instructions on how to make changes to your BIOS.

    After each step, be sure to reboot the machine and try running the game. If none of the above works, please reply to this message and attach the error logs from whichever game you are attempting to play.

    9. Please also run the test specified below to help diagnose the issue:

    The test may be run by copying the "steam://support/ ..." link into an Internet Explorer window's Address Bar - Steam will run the selected test and return a page of results (please save the results page and attach it with your reply to this message).


    10. Additional Troubleshooting:

    Please do not attempt these steps unless you are familiar with the system BIOS.

    - Disabling Fastwrites may increase system stability. You should find this feature within the system BIOS.

    - If you are using an AGP 8x motherboard with an AGP 8x Videocard, try reducing 8x to 4x.

    - Try rolling back your drivers to the previous known good version for your video card.

    The following settings are for advanced users, do not attempt if you are unfamiliar with these settings.

    AGP Aperture or Graphics Windows Size should be set to 128 or 256
    Disable any “Shadowing” or “Memory Hole”
    Disable "Cache Video BIOS"
    AGP Driving mode should be set to “Auto”
    Adjust AGP voltage to 1.6v in Bios

    If you are overclocking any hardware components on your computer, please revert the memory timing and voltage to standard settings for your hardware.

    Finally, be sure to check your videocard manufacturer's site for any software/driver conflicts that may be known issues with your particular card/driver version:


    If you have any other questions or you the game will not function after you have performed these steps, please let us know.


    I'll try it out and see what happens.
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