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HDD Swap malfunction

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Chriss1784, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. Chriss1784

    Chriss1784 Private E-2

    i recently swapped out the stock 60gb hard drive from my sony vaio s580 for a new 120gb disk. I also purchased a kit to turn the old drive into an external. to test the kit i used the new 120gb and it worked no problem with xp. I have installed it to the machine and it is working fine, however now with the old 60b in the external case windows wont recognize it. I had cloned the drive so im thinking maybe it is just confused from seeing two hard drives exactly the same, or perhaps i just need to format the 60gb drive. If that is the case though, i would like to ask for some help on how to format it if i cannot get it to be recognized. any help would be very appreciated. thanks
  2. InYearsToCome

    InYearsToCome MajorGeek

    when you plug the drive in (vis USB i assume?) does windows recognize a usb device at all, with the usb connected sound?

    have you checked in Disk Management to see if it can see the drive? (start>run 'diskmgmt.msc') If you can see it there, you can format it.
  3. hopperdave2000

    hopperdave2000 MajorGeek

    Many times stock hard drives are jumpered for 'cable select'. Check the jumper; make sure it's set for 'master' or 'single'....

  4. Chriss1784

    Chriss1784 Private E-2

    I forgot to mention that this is a laptop hard drive, but i pulled the drive out of the external enclosure and didnt see any different places to plug/switch anything. After reversing which usb jacks i put the drive into, it actually gave me the usb not recognized, along with the sound. The disk manager however still only tells me i have the 120 in the machine. at least though with it being recognized, i take that to be a sign that there is hope to get it recognized soon.

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