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Headset microphone not working

Discussion in 'Software' started by Mikeroni, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Mikeroni

    Mikeroni Private E-2

    Ok so I had a USB logitech headset for about 2 years and it broke. I could hear sound and talk to people via skype and ventrilo just fine. Now the new headset I have bought plugs into the mic and speaker ports on the back of the comp, only problem is my computer is not recognizing the Mic.. I'm not really sure where to go from here, the headset is really awesome and comfortable but it looks like I am going to have to return it for a USB model. Does anyone know what might be wrong? I am noticing that in the device manager it is not locating my sound card.. Why would a usb headsets mic work opposed to an analog headset? I have a few conferences I need to part of coming up early next week and I need my mic working. Please help

    Thanks, Mike
  2. thesmokingun

    thesmokingun MajorGeek

    a usb headset actually doesnt use your sound card, it uses a virtual windows sound device. In order to use the new headset you have, you will have to make sure your sound card has the proper drivers installed. If you know your make/model of pc, or if it's homegrown, you can try and find the drivers. Or if you need assistance, the best way is to attach an everest hardware report to your next post.
    you can download everest here: http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=4181
    once installed, at the top select reports/report wizard. select hardware information only. and save it as a text file to somewhere on your computer where you will find it easily.
    next, attach it to a post, directions on how to attach: http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=86880

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