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Headset, Speakers, Audio Oh My!

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pistachio, Sep 1, 2006.

  1. pistachio

    pistachio Private E-2

    As of about one year ago the audio system in my computer was working fine. My speakers were hooked up to my Creative Soundblaster Live Series audio card and they were working properly.

    But at that time I decided to buy a headset so I could talk to my friends online through programs such as Ventrilo. Since I also have a Playstation 2, I bought one of the Logitech Playstation 2 Headsets that connect by USB.

    I hooked up the headset and after a little playing around (restarts) I got the headset to start working. I used the headset for the new half a year before I realized there was a problem with the computer. Whenever I would unplug the headset, the speakers would not work. I checked everything: changing default devices under the audio and voice settings, checking to make sure the speakers were plugged in properly, restarting the computer without the headset then plugging the speakers in, restoring the audio card's default settings, etc.*

    However, after this entire year I have still not managed to get the speakers back and working again. I pondered that the speakers may have died, but I hooked them up to another computer and they work fine.

    The reason why I have dealt with this problem is because I had no real reason to get rid of the headset and a computer with speakers was not that big of a hassle. But now I won't be using the computer anymore and the future user will more than likely want the speakers to work. And I do not want to hook the headset up to my new computer if I'll never be able to successfully remove it in the future.

    I'm just wondering if there was anything I missed or some way to restore my system to the way it previously was. Thanks in advance :) !

    (*Interestingly enough, I have a TV Tuner hooked up to my PC that is hooked up with the audio as well. My user's settings were based on me using the headset exclusively, but the other user had it with the original default settings. This user could not hear any sounds except the audio from the television which would play through the speakers. Maybe this extra insight could help fix it.)
  2. Omnipotent_idiot

    Omnipotent_idiot Private E-2

    check the playback preferences in control panel. Go to audio>options>properties> and make sure the your sound card is chosen. Or check for any device conflicts under system manager.
  3. pistachio

    pistachio Private E-2

    Wow! Out of all that I had done I had completely skipped over that and failed to even check it. I'll give you a big e-hug and graciously thank you for helping me with that. Now if I only had asked six months sooner...

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