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Help! Filling a job application form (again): editing tick boxes in Word

Discussion in 'Software' started by claptrap, May 7, 2010.

  1. claptrap

    claptrap Private First Class

    I have been emailed a job application form which I need to get back to the employer ASAP. But I don't have a printer. Filling in lines and text boxes is not a problem but there are the usual page of (non)equal opportunitites c**p to fill, with a hoard of tick boxes.

    I think the form designer has used emtpty square symbol from Wingdings or something similar - I don't think they are bullets because of their position on paper.

    The only option I can think of is to create a right size square in image editing program and draw X into it, but it is harldly desirable, not just because it is usually still obvious and in tight spaces tends to knock other things out of alingnment (I'm not applying a job in IT or office rat, my skills in word are nowhere nearly that good).

    Obviously it would be preferable to find a solution that would work with all forms with same scenario. Oh, and I have opened the document in Word 2000.

    - - -
    Last time I filled in an emailed form, it turned out they were, forgot the name so please enlighten me, editable yes/no boxes (although just looking at them you wouldn't know it.) Not elegant solution but I found one that worked, even if it was a bit tedious.

    (In case someone else comes looking for similar solution, this is how I did it, if I remeber it right: highlight, left click and a dialogue box will appear: choose ticked as the default option and close. You should now see the box ticked, usually with X )
  2. claptrap

    claptrap Private First Class

    Correction to my comment about the editable yes/no boxes (control boxes?)

    On PAPER there is no difference but on COMPUTER you can see them with a grey background. To edit the tick box I do the following:

    1) highlight, 2) left click and choose Properties 3) choose Default Value as "Checked" 4) click OK
  3. Imperfect1

    Imperfect1 Private First Class

    Here’s a suggestion that might work: why don’t you use a Wingding of your own to create a new check box, like this: þ In Vista, you just go to your Character Map and select 0Wingdings. The þ is the very last symbol in the section. Don’t know where your comparable Character Map is in your version of Windows, but I’m sure you can find it. (You may also be able to find something similar in Office 2000 'Symbols.')
  4. claptrap

    claptrap Private First Class

    Thanks! I practically never use anything but Latin-1 Extended; I didn't even think about looking in there. At least in older versions of Word you can get get the character map by going to: Insert , Insert Symbol.

    The Stupid thing is that I can see a whole list of non-standard Khmer fonts( they're similar to Thai characters) that I unstalled a few years ago - and I know they used to work fine. However, choosing them gives me just a standard Latin fonts and the Subset does not show an option of East Asian Languages, yet when I go to Regional Options, Advanced, in Control Panel, East Asian languagesare supposedly supported. I have also Khmer Unicode installed and so I can see Khmer fonts correctly in Firefox and Opera (but not in Chrome or IE) but not in Word. Changing a language in the Language Bar doesn't work either...

    Well, I suppose this needs its own thread when I have the time to tackle it. Hopefully that time comes soon: my friend struggles to understand English - not that my Khmer is up to scratch anyway. (I'm sure he wouldn't understand anything I write but at least I want to make the effort.) Meanwhile, I have to scribble things by hand and then scan it as an image...

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