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Help! Major Problem With Expansion Drive

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jesse Newell, Mar 31, 2017.

  1. Imandy Mann

    Imandy Mann MajorGeek

    In another forum in one of the places I visited it was the video player found to be using the same meta data file structure you keep getting. Then it was vlc, the popular video player. Note that I do use 'everything' and 'vlc' and have never had this issue, And it may be any search utility and maybe any video player might be keeping ties to the last place it was used. Look for any apps or utility you recently used to access the drive and ensure they are all closed.
  2. Jesse Newell

    Jesse Newell Sergeant Major

    That's the thing. I always do. I make sure every single thing I was accessing the drive with is closed. I STILL get "this device is still in use". What else can I do? I use MPC-HC media player usually, not VLC. And I close it every time.
  3. Imandy Mann

    Imandy Mann MajorGeek

    Did you check in services to see that MPC-HC is gone also? Also in your first post here you mentioned backing up the failing drive. Is the backup software running in the background? Any anti-malware or anti-virus set too scan 'All Drives'. Just trying to think of other things that might be trying to maintain a contact with the drive.
  4. MaxTurner

    MaxTurner MajorGeek

    So you did shut down and disable the Everything Windows Service and you still get the original problem?
  5. Jesse Newell

    Jesse Newell Sergeant Major

    No, but I will the next time it happens.

    There's no backup software involved. I just back up by clicking and dragging onto the drive.

    I have Avast running all the time. Maybe it could be that.
  6. Jesse Newell

    Jesse Newell Sergeant Major

    Well it's happened again. Didn't have MPC-HC running at all this time so it can't be that.


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