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help with a fixmbr

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Kari, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. Kari

    Kari Private E-2

    Hi, I have been posting over in software, not knowing at first I have a hardware problem, I guess. I tried running a chkdsk /r but it didn't work, so someone suggested I run a fixmbr. I now have a message that the computer has a non standard or invalid master boot record, it may damage the partition tables if I proceed. this could cause all the partitions on the current hard drive to become inaccessible. then they ask if I want to continue. I don't have any clue if I do. Does anyone out there? My computer crashed before I could get my 9 year old son's vacation pics off, and I am just trying to get it working long enough to get them off. Do I want to continue?
  2. pclover

    pclover MajorGeek

    If the file system is damaged I wouldn't change it at all. My suggest is to boot up a linux live cd and mount your windows hard drive and see if you can see the files. I like to use Knoppix for this.

    You could also move the hard drive to a another comptuer.

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