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Help with Counter-Strike

Discussion in 'Software' started by L33t_SSF_Killa, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. L33t_SSF_Killa

    L33t_SSF_Killa Private E-2

    Could someoneplease help me figure out why I cant use my spray paint logos. I just got this computer today btw. Its brand new I cant get my decal converter to make me custom cs sprays either and when I go into gameplay I cant even see the spray lgo but I hear it and I dont have a desktop I just downloaded and set everything up first. Plus does half-life 2 also require a radeon 9800 grpah card as well I know doom3 does? So could I get sme help from one of you really smart people that know everything for some reason and I dont.
  2. L33t_SSF_Killa

    L33t_SSF_Killa Private E-2

    Wow dang lol cant I even get a View 8-(..
  3. Fuzz

    Fuzz Private First Class

    heh...(sorry its my slap happy mood today) just go to CSnation and hit the forums there and you shall find what your looking for....
  4. Omegamerc

    Omegamerc MajorGeek

    hmmmm if your making your own pldcal.wads be sure to replace temppldcal.wad (or just temp.wad) in the cs folder and make them "read only" files (so they are not overwritten..
  5. †T-Rex †

    †T-Rex † Specialist

    Are you running Steam™? I'm assuming you're playing Counter-Strike 1.6 on Steam, in which case, the spray logo is no longer named pldecal.wad. Like Omegamerc mentioned, the spray logo is named tempdecal.wad in Steam and it resides in the mod's folder. Also, there are some console commands that could possibly be disabling the spray logos from showing up on your side. Make sure you have cl_allowdownload on and there's another console command that has something to do with the polygons that may be preventing you from seeing the logos, but that's not likely your problem.
  6. L33t_SSF_Killa

    L33t_SSF_Killa Private E-2

    Well thanks people I just got back from vacation and it worked lol somthing so simple I feel pretty dumb I shoudla known that myself. Just steam is so damn annoying cause you cant connect to the network all the time then you have to redownload it and then uninmstalla nd reinstall. then you lose all your sprays skins and maps its jus really frustrating.



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