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Help with Gamepad please

Discussion in 'Software' started by BlueGlow1967, Aug 22, 2006.

  1. BlueGlow1967

    BlueGlow1967 Private E-2


    I really only need to find out if my Logic 3 Rumblepad is meant to be so strong with the Rumble effects and whether or not its possible to lessen the power of it, I find it too strong and it seems to rumble almost constantly when driving, is this normal for this particular pad? I played X3 Reunion with it and to be fair to it it did'nt rumble constantly, but did rumble when turning or pitching.

    I have no understanding of the in game options for mostly racing games ie Toca 3 Race Driver and GT Legends, the options say what they are but don't really explain what the effect would be........I installed it exactly as it said in the manual, install driver first then reboot if told to, I wasn't by the way, but did in anycase, and then plugged the pad in and went to the calibration screen to test it, there was a slider in there that was automatically set to 100............but when I tried to turn it down several notches, as soon as I quit and went back, the thing had reset to 100..............please can anyone help as I feel lost as to what to do

    I had no idea that the Rumble would be so strong, infact I would say that its so strong that it almost hurts..........please can anyone give me some much needed help as there must be a way to lessen the effects.......in the games the options don't seem to lessen the strength of it

    My Specs are:

    AMD Athlon 3000XP+
    Socket A Gigabyte Motherboard
    150 Gig Seagate Barracuda
    2.50 DDR
    ATI X800 Pro 256MB
    Onboard sound
    Maxtor 80 Gig Storage only HD

    Many thanks

  2. BlueGlow1967

    BlueGlow1967 Private E-2


    Sorry to double post but also when playing Toca 3 Race Driver I get in the middle of a race huge pauses and the sound repeats all the time during the pause........I really need some help with this please?

    This is the 3rd forum I am trying and getting nowhere, everywhere else its been a case of people stating the obvious and being rude into the bargin.
  3. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

    well we're all nice here so i hope you have a better experience :)

    the only way i can think of being able to change it is somewhere in the driver settings. is there a program that came with the gamepad? if not maybe on the manufacturer's website there is something that could help u in terms of software.

    the last problem sounds like not enough RAM but if im reading this correctly you have 2.5 gigs? Maybe a video card issue but an x800Pro should be able to handle most game just fine. Did this problem just start?
  4. BlueGlow1967

    BlueGlow1967 Private E-2

    Hi viper_boy403,

    Thanks for your response, and I hope that I do get a better experience here as I am somewhat dis-illusioned with the Internet in the Forums aspect......I ran several myself but gave up in the end, anyway sorry to digress, back to the issue,

    I had a disk come with the gamepad and it said to install the driver first and then plug in your gamepad as otherwise the rumble effect would'nt work, this is true as without the driver on the disk being installed the pad works but without the virbration, which in turn leads me into the pauses in game, which do not happen if I play without the rumble effect.

    I can't help but either blame the game or that I have a dodgy pad, neither of which I want to blame or accept really.........so very disappointed as I bought this pad to replace my old Saitek P1500 rumble pad which does'nt rumble!!! something about not compatible with XP I think : (

    First thing I did when this all started was to check out the manufacturer's website and to be honest I was bitterly disappointed as nothing there to help at all, not even uptodate drivers, last ones were 2003 if I remember rightly : (


    BlueGlow :)
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2006
  5. Triaxx2

    Triaxx2 MajorGeek

    Was there software to install with the pad? If so, look and see if there's a different calibration program.
  6. BlueGlow1967

    BlueGlow1967 Private E-2


    Well a fair bit has happened about this since I last posted, firstly to viper_boy403, I forgot to acknowledge the fact that you wanted to confirm that I have 2.5 Gig Ram, yes I do : )

    Ok now the rest, firstly I took that gamepad back to where I got it and as the chap there built my PC we get along pretty well and he tried it out on his PC and he noticed the immense vibration too and therefore told me to try a different pad, so now I have one called Impact Color Rumblepad from Saitek.........but when I got it home I took the disk out from its little paper envelope and low and behold it was cracked in two places!!! : ( I was gutted to say the least, anyway back to the store I went and he is sending off for a new installation disk for me, but while there he tried the pad to see if it worked ok, it did and what's more it rumbled!!! and that was with the other pads software!!! so for now I am still using the first pads software to get the rumble effect, but Toca 3 still has these huge hangs in the middle of racing........I just hope that Saiteks software is made better than Logic 3's........sometime next week will tell.

    Only thing is I can find nothing on Saiteks site to even acknowledge that this pad exists, the pad has no model number and is simply called "Impact Color Rumblepad"

    I just wondered if anyone knows where I can get the latest drivers from on the net, and would they mean I don't have to have the disk? trouble is I can't find anything even with google to do with this particular gamepad : (

    I've just about had a belly full with this, all I wanted was a rumble pad that works, the rumble with this pad is not as bad at all but there is obviously a problem with Logic 3's software, but why should this be, I really am feeling all emotions, but bad ones right now, as this new pad has cost me another £5 which I find hard to swallow especially considering that there is nothing on the Internet about it that I can find : (

    Blueglow :)
  7. viper_boy403

    viper_boy403 MajorGeek

  8. BlueGlow1967

    BlueGlow1967 Private E-2

    No afraid not its neither of those : (

    All I can say to describe it is that it is Silver and has the word Impact on an oval shape which the outline of that oval shape lights up blue, and a red power button, its a rather flashy looking pad, this is all I can say about it really

    BlueGlow : )

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