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help with NVRD32 sys

Discussion in 'Software' started by redhen, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. redhen

    redhen Private E-2

  2. rustyjack

    rustyjack MajorGeek

    Try this fix assuming you have the original XP cd or a recovery cd :

    Reboot pressiing F12 press F2...That takes you to BIOS...Make sure that boot sequence is set to run from CD first..,.If this is a genuine XP installation CD when you insert it in the drive and reboot it should start windows set-up immediately (press any key to boot from CD)...usually a black screen...Followed by Set-Up...Follow the instructions from there this should reinstall your NVRD32.sys file !

    On that failing you could try manual installation of this sys file !

    P.S that particular link i posted sometime ago is no longer available !

    Good Luck ! ;)
  3. rustyjack

    rustyjack MajorGeek

  4. rustyjack

    rustyjack MajorGeek

    Hi there again this is what you need go to the Nvidia site and download it !

    This is what it is
    Nvrd32.sys file description
    Productname: NVIDIA nForce(TM) RAID Driver
    Description: NVIDIA® nForce(TM) RAID Driver
    Company: NVIDIA Corporation
    File size: Various
    This file is a chipset driver and needs to be installed via F6 Floppy during initial install.

    RJ ! :)

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