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HeroEngine Project

Discussion in 'Software' started by Fat_Kids_Lagg, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. Fat_Kids_Lagg

    Fat_Kids_Lagg Private E-2

    Hey all~

    After a long while of saving, planning, wishing, and crying, myself and a few colleagues managed (and are still trying to manage) to come up with the insane amount of money for a license of the HeroEngine. (www.heroengine.com) Currently, we’re still working with the “demo” version of the engine, (which still put us back 45k…) learning the engines quirks and personality. It’s an amazing product, and we hope to show that Indie developers can compete with “professional” studios. ;)

    Right now, we’re still in the laying out of the basic design of the game flow, and getting our entire story line out on paper. We’ve done a lot of architectural modeling already – we’re trying to set a style for each of our races.

    We already have serveral people on our devolpment team; a few architects, a historian, many writers, and even the enviromental design lead for the Xbox 360 game, Crackdown. We hope to find even more exotic talent soon

    Currently, we’re looking for some talented character modelers/animators willing to do a bit of free work (they’d obviously be reimbursed later) for our project. For now, the only payment we can offer is the fact that’d you get your name out their on a professional engine, and maybe some money later on. So here’s the low down:

    Urgently Needed:
    Talented Character Modeler
    Character Animator

    Also Needed:
    Monster Modeler
    Item/Weapons/Armor Modeler
    Concept Artists
    Additional Animators

    If you’d like to sign up for the team, drop me a PM…if you’d like additional information, PM and lemme know.

    Thanks all!

    -Fat Kids

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