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Hey I switched Mobo's for Building my comp

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by frankzro, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. frankzro

    frankzro Corporal

    I went from a MSI K9N SLI Platinum Socket AM2

    To an ABIT Fatal1ty AN9 32X Socket AM2 Mobo

    Ok well supposodly the ABIT mobo is the best for over clocking, and is all around better then my Previous Mobo. Soo If i do plan on over-clocking with the ABIT, how long should I run it over clocked cause I do hear that The Fata|1ty Board is supposed to be really stable when over clocked. And I wanted to know about AudioMax Sound Card on the board as well, Like is it like having a SB Audidgy2 or something? They say its supposed to be a gamer Mobo sooo Im expecting goood things. But yeah some 1 help a bruhda out :p oh yeah PSU is OCZ 700Watt and chip will be AMD 4600+ ... and Silence about AMD! ... i know i know... but its cheap
  2. ASUS

    ASUS MajorGeek

    That Abit only has one pci slot:eek:

    From what Ive read all AM2 590 mobos are performing about the same so far none really out shine the other.
    I'd consider all the Bling & Extras with your Choices thats where some will Shine!

    OCing I gotta go DFI, looking back at NF2, NF3 & NF4 DFI had the edge there, I expect AM2 will be no different
    This DFI looks good

    DFI has the best Customer Service/Support in the Industry

    Do you have a Link for the Abit being the best OCer, I'd like to see it?

    Did you know AMD is releasing a new CPU in November "AMD's 4x4" and yet another in 2007
    I wouldnt dump a bunch of money on Conroe yet either:p

    For that matter for me it's still too early to go AM2, ah, I have a couple of Kick A## NF4's so i can wait:)
  3. frankzro

    frankzro Corporal

    Heres some Links


    I dont mind the 1 PCI slot, I know its a Huge Sacrifice but I prolly wont even Have to use it Cause that Audio Max sound Card is supposed to be good... Soo Im still trying to figure out wat i would Put in it.


    Another Link :D And as always you da man! ASUS :D... dude I found some Ceramique(<-- Tiny lil Thing) at FRYS for 3.99 :O~ almost bought it on line for a doller more plus Shipping yo ... FRYS had more then I thought man lol I felt dumb after looking in there for more stuff lol ... I dont know right now as Far as Ceramuqe cause I have like the Biggest Tube of AS5 Ever.. lol It will last a long time
  4. prankz

    prankz Specialist

    not 2007....2008. i recently read an article about the future of pc processors. and for AMD, 2007 isnt looking good. all they doing is releasing a few more dual-core CPUs. unfortunately the CPUs wont be able to beat intel. AMDs real conroe competition will be out in the middle of 2008, in the form of socket AM3. thats when AMDs proper quad-core CPU will be out. intel's proper quad-core will be out by christmas 2007. point is for 2007 intel will still have the upper hand. and for anyone building a new PC, intel at the moment is the way to go.....

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