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Hi, about MajorGeeks? & *.lxlabs.com, lxlabs

Discussion in 'Majorgeeks Welcome Center' started by jtwdyp, May 12, 2012.

  1. jtwdyp

    jtwdyp Private E-2

    Hi, I'm definitely new here. I only use Windows occasionally, (being a Linux nut) But there are a few games:-o, and I'm stuck with the chore of keeping the family XP box running rolleyes, so from time to time I get stuck with not remembering how to do something in windows. And/or with something that changed drastically since I used to know (when I switched to Linux win98 was still supported...) And it looks like this might be the place to go for help with the windows installations I'm stuck with... Am I right? :-D

    The other thing is I noticed when I first found the Major Geeks forum page, that the user login box was at the top if an unsecured page "http://" So I manually inserted the s "https://" hoping that there was a password protecting version. But I got a certificate warning complaining about "*.lxlabs.com, lxlabs"

    Is that really the correct certificate holder for Major Geeks or did I get hijacked?

    I don't need or want my entire forum session encrypted, But I would like my password transmitted through TLS encryption... Is there a specific login screen I should be using?


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