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hmm which way should i go

Discussion in 'Software' started by Foulic, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Foulic

    Foulic Private E-2

    i'm going to get a new graphics card and game this weekend, right now my computer specs are

    windows xp
    512 ram
    celeron 2.4ghz

    i've only got 160 bucks to spend and only have a pci slot.

    now with my limit of both money and computer slots this is 2 options i thought of.

    i can get a
    geforce fx 5500-($99.99)
    dark messiah of might and magic (limited edition $59.99)

    or i can get a
    radeon x1300-($129.99)
    f.e.a.r. ($29.99)

    i was also thinking about maybe picking up ghost recon advanced warrior instead of f.e.a.r. but i don't think i could play it cause it requirest 1024 ram.

    anyway should i go w/ the lesser card and get dm or the best pci card and attempt to play f.e.a.r.

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