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home networking

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by maryhigginsrice, Feb 24, 2007.

  1. maryhigginsrice

    maryhigginsrice Private E-2

    Hi. I am still trying to understand how to set up a wired network in my home.
    I have a Dell Computer in my bedroom and a emachine in my den. I would like the two computers to communicate with each other. I have read various posts and articles concerning the subject, but I do want to be certain on what I buy. I do not want to spend money and the setup does not work. One post said I should install a wireless card in the emachine in the den and use an ethernet cable to attach to a router on the Dell. Is that possible? I am totally confused. Can anyone please give me some decent advice. Any help will be appreciated. mary.

    WindowXP Professional MCE2005; 512 MB of Ram; Visiontek Radeon 7k video card; Hauppauge WinTv 150/500 dual tuner card; Dimension E310Series, Intel Pentuim 4 Processor 524 (3.06GHZ) and 1MB cache; IntelPro 100 Integrated PCI NIC Card; 56k PCI Data Fax Modem; 80 GB SATA II Hard Drive.
  2. ST47

    ST47 Private First Class

    Well Mary, if you want them to talk to the internet as well, the only real choice is a wireless router. I use a belkin similar to http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=136493 and it works well, but some people like linksys as well, it's up to you. You also have a modem, I would assume, which connects to the router. You now need to connect the computers to the router, either using a cable or wireless. Cables are cheaper, however they do present a trip hazard and have a limited range. A USB card is the best choice for the second computer, but you have to ensure that they are compatible. Since the router I linked to is 802.11g, if I was getting USB cards, I'd need to make sure they are also 802.11g. Also, please use the same brand, just for ease of setup.

    Now, connecting the computers that aren't using cables - you have 3 choices:
    http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=136500 is an example of a notebook card, note how it says "Wireless G". There's probably a slot for these on any notebook, so if you ever want to connect a laptop, here's your thing.

    http://catalog.belkin.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Product_Id=136479 is a PCI card for desktops, make sure you have a slot, if you open the computer, you'll see lots of stuff, including one big green board. Look on the bottom of this board, towards the back of the computer. You should see either some smaller green things plugged in to this one or some empty places probably 10 centimeters long by 3/4 centimeters wide. If there are any of those that do not have a card in them - the open slots - then you can use this.

    Otherwise, you can use one of these:
    A USB antenna. Your specs look recent enough to have USB, butcomputers older than 5 years may not have them. It's going to have this in it, so if it looks like this plug will fit, you've got USB:

    Once you have your stuffs, follow the instruction manuals. The router gets plugged in, connect it to the modem, and then to any computers that are using cables. If any computers are using the USB cards, just plug the USB in, and it should start looking for your router. The notebook cards and PCI cards will require the commputer to be turned off - not the notebook one as much as the PCI one, but just to be safe. Once both computers can get to the internet, you need to set up the software.

    You need to go in each computer, open my computer, right click on whatever folder you want the other computer to share, hit properties, look for "sharing" on the top, then check the checkbox to share it. Type in a name and check the box about letting other users change your files.

    Now when you go into network places, you should see all the shared folders! If there are any errors, just come back and make another post in this topic, and someone will be able to help!
  3. pa1ndru1d

    pa1ndru1d Private E-2

    what kind of distances are we talking about? is your home a single story unit? is your modem (assuming you are high-speed; dsl or cable) currently attached to a pc already (if so, which one)?

    wireless should work. but i have seen issues with 2 story dwellings. also has issues with distance limitations when going through cement block.

    running ethernet cable is not difficult in most cases, just labor intensive when compared to setting up a wireless network.

    i would go with the wireless router. i have had great luck with d-link, but am currently using a netgear router. when you set it up, don't forget to set the 64 or 128 bit encryption.. so all your neighbors don't take advantage of the free internet (or your network) that may show up on their wireless devices.

    for the wireless nic, i am using a d-link pci card.

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