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How Can I Optimize My Network Connection - LAN...?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 7mm, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. 7mm

    7mm Private E-2

    Networking Is New Subject To Me & I'm Using LAN Connecting 2 PCs (1 House To Another). Distance Between Not More Than 50-55 Meters. When I Downloads Something From The Other PC It Runs Well, But When The Other PC Downloads From Mine.....It's Speed Is Very Poor. How Can I Improve That OR Overall Connection confused...?

    Please Help.
  2. 7mm

    7mm Private E-2

    Come On People, No One To Solve NewBie's Problem..?

    Please Help!
  3. cat5e

    cat5e MajorGeek

    How can some one figure out when you give no technical details what so where about the systems and their configuration.

    If you want to optimized in tandem with the Internet this can help.

    Optimizing the TCP/IP Stack - http://www.ezlan.net/Internet_Speed.html

    As a frame of reference.

    "Speed" (Bandwidth) expectation of Ethernet Home Networks using Windows 98/2000/XP - http://www.ezlan.net/net_speed.html

  4. 7mm

    7mm Private E-2

    Thanx For The Ifo Here, Buddy. Though, I'd Still Like Post Some Specs Here...

    AMD Athlon X2 3600+
    Asus M2NPV-MX With nVidia 6150 Chipset
    512 DDR2 533MHz RAM - Twinmos
    OnBoard LAN - nVidia
    Connected Through HUB, Don't Know The Type of Cable sed OR Type HUBconfused. Sorry That's All a NewBie Like Me Can Provide.
  5. Colemanguy

    Colemanguy MajorGeek

    Try upgrading your hub to an actual switch.

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