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How can I send TV signal through my router?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shallow_Grave, Jan 19, 2005.

  1. Shallow_Grave

    Shallow_Grave Private E-2

    Want to record TV on PC but can not run a cable through to the TV socket. However, this sits right next to the router. Does anyone know how I could set this up. The router is a Zyxel 660HW. And would the connection be fast enough to send the tv signal through? :rolleyes:
  2. ~Pyrate~

    ~Pyrate~ MajorGeek

    you need a video capture card ... I'd recommend an ATI All-in-wonder radeon card ... but others would probably have other suggestions

    AFIAK ... I don't think you need to use your router in any way
  3. goldfish

    goldfish Lt. Sushi.DC

    Err, yes, you cannot use your Internet router to record TV, I'm afraid. You'll need to get a video out from your cable box and plug that into a video capture card (as Pyrate said).
  4. Shallow_Grave

    Shallow_Grave Private E-2

    Um. Yeah. I already have a video capture card. What I asked was if I could send a signal through the router, not whether it would record the TV itself. What I need to do is either send the signal through the router which I am pretty sure wont work. Alternately can I ditch my existing TV tuner card and get an external TV tuner, I know they exist but are mostly USB etc. This would connect to the TV socket and then to the router (how?). The router sends the signal to the PC where the software records it. Right?
  5. WobblesRArt

    WobblesRArt MajorGeek

    You said, “Want to record TV on PC but can not run a cable through to the TV socket.”

    I wondered, why not? Is the TV in a different room, or what?

    My setup is as, computer with an ATI 9000 all-in-wonder, it has a plug, that allows a cable line to pug into the computer…I can watch, or record, anything coming in from the cable…….there is a different ATI all-in-wonder, that has the cable connection that sends a cable line to a TV……a benefit from that allows you to play games on both the monitor, and the TV at the same time…..wobbles
  6. Shallow_Grave

    Shallow_Grave Private E-2

    Yeah, different room
  7. ~Pyrate~

    ~Pyrate~ MajorGeek

    an easy solution would be to get a cable splitter ... and send one cable to the TV and the other the PC

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