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How Do I Connect To The Internet Via Wireless Network?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by HasSanK, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    I have bought 2 Wireless Desktop Network Cards and installed them both (1 on each computer). They have picked up each other's signals and connected to each other perfectly fine.

    My question is, how do I share my Internet connection with the computer that doesn't have Internet access? The guy at the shop told me it's possible to do this but there's no instructions or anything in the box to tell you how.


  2. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    On the PC that does have internet you can (dial up or LAN) goto the properties of that connection and share / make available for other users. I did this a week ago and forget the specifics... something like connection properties > advanced> under Internet connection sharing
  3. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    That's great, now what though? Do I need to manually set up a dial-up connection for the Computer without Internet access? I've no idea where to go from here as I'm a newbie with this type of thing, I've not any clue whatsoever.

  4. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    Bump, I'm desperate for help here :)

  5. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    no - the other PC does not need the dialup settings... the PC with the connection takes requests from that PC and dials up the net for you..proxy.
    Sorry I dont have my other wireless adapter right now or I'd reconnect the one I set up and give you exact details.
    Window may offer to make a setup disk also to run on the second PC.
  6. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    Damn, I didn't understand a word of that, sorry. If anyone can help me by giving me step by step instructions or whatever I'd appreciate it.

  7. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    Did you setup Internet Connection sharing to the Dialup connection?
    Lets call that PC-A, and PC-B is gonna connect to it.
    If you did that much correctly when you go on PC-B and go into Networking you should see the shared dialup connection...

    try these...

    PC-A needs to be set as:
    This Computer Connects Directly To The Internet - The Other Computers On My Network Connect To The Internet Through This Computer. Select this option if you’ve already set up the Internet connection on the computer. Click Next to continue.

    PC-B settings:
    This Computer Connects To The Internet Through Another Computer On My Network Or Through A Residential Gateway - If you use a router or residential gateway to manage shared Internet access, select this option
  8. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    This is what I've done so far on the connection I use to access the Internet and this is ALL I've done.


  9. foogoo

    foogoo Major "foogoo" Geek

    so the other "PC-B" should have a connection in My Network Places for that connection to "PC-A"... did you run the wizrd on PC-B, yet?

    A= the one with the modem & internet
    B= just wireless....
  10. HasSanK

    HasSanK Specialist

    No, I've not run the wizard on PC B yet because I get to the point where it asks me if I want to create a Network Setup Disk


    (the other PC is Windows ME you see) but it says that the disk is not formatted. When I try to format it, I get the following error message:


    I've tried now with about 3 different floppy disks but the same thing keeps happening. Why wouldn't it be able to format them?

  11. Prophets21

    Prophets21 Staff Sergeant

    You don't need to format them. You don't even need a floppy, just select the last option to just finish the wizard.

    I don't know how you're going to share the connection without a router.

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