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How do I get adobe flash into my lg smart tv

Discussion in 'Software' started by Adele, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. Adele

    Adele Private E-2

    Its almost like useless w/o flshplyr:(
  2. pwillener

    pwillener MajorGeek

  3. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    You can't. And besides Flash is dead, since HTML5 is better. Java is what majority of the embedded devices are using.
  4. pwillener

    pwillener MajorGeek

    Flash is not dead by a long shot; there are still millions of web sites that use Flash - a great deal more than HTML5.

    But Adobe is not helping its own cause by shutting Flash out from more and more platforms (Linux, Android and other mobile platforms).
  5. brownizs

    brownizs MajorGeek

    Yes, flash is dead. Those sites still using it is due to programmers not wanting to take the time to convert over to html5. HTML6 was announced in 2010, which in turn has now become HTML 7, due to HTML5 died in the water, because it did not take off like they thought.

    Even Apple realized that Flash was not any good, is why they did not allow it on their handests. That with Jobs & Adobe never saw eye to eye, but that is another story.
  6. HaploTR

    HaploTR Private E-2

    ^ You had no idea what you were talking about back then WRT web technologies. Your whole post is false.

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