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How do I Initialize & Install 3 TB HDD

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by dan99t, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. dan99t

    dan99t Private E-2


    I just bought 3.0 TB Western Digital Internal Hard Disk.

    I put it in the PC & it was detected as 2.0 TB HDD in Disk Management.

    It also asked me to initialize the disk either as MBR or GPT Partition.

    I am using Dell T-7500 Workstation with Windows -7 ( 64 bit ) OS

    Can you please help me with following questions :

    (1) What should I do to get full 3.0 TB Space rather than 2.0 TB it shows now ?

    (2) Should I initialize it first if I want to install Win-7 on it OR just Pop in the Win-7 DVD & start installing it & it will guide me thru the rest of the procedure & help me select MBR or GPT then ?

    (3) What should I do if I just want to have Large 3.0 TB single partition ? Should I initialize it & which one, MBR or GPT ?

    (4) What should I do in case I initialize it either as GPT or MBR & don't get full 3.0 TB Of Space ?

    Thanks Much
  2. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

  3. dan99t

    dan99t Private E-2

    Excellent information.

    Answered very puzzling questions & a must read for all buying more than 2 TB HDD.

    Only thing missing is a utility tool like Seagate Diskwizard for my Western Digital HDD.

    I searched WD site for it but can't find anything comparable.

    Anyone knows ?

    Thank You Plodr. Really appreciate the help.
  4. dan99t

    dan99t Private E-2

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