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How do i turn off intergraded Video card.

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ktiz, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. ktiz

    ktiz Corporal

    Ok heres the deal. i just bought a new video card for some computer gaming i do. the install went fine but once i started up my games i noticed that there was no change in my FPS (frames per second) so i figured that my Intergraded card that was already on my motherboard was interferring with my new card. My motherboard is a GigaByte Technology, GA-7VM400M-P. Can someone please tell me how to turn off my intergraded card. (btw ive already check in Bios and found no options that looked like they had to do with my card)
  2. jamcgriff

    jamcgriff Sergeant

    see if you have in your bios onchip pci devices check in their on mine this is where all the intergrated features are, sound,land etc
  3. ktiz

    ktiz Corporal

    yeah i have 1 or 2 bios named that, should i just enable them?
  4. jamcgriff

    jamcgriff Sergeant

    try under intergrated perphials see if you can find something that says video try to disable
  5. Searcher

    Searcher Private E-2

    u don't have to turn the onboard graphic card off as the system is forced into using the AGP card if it's installed.

    Which game r u running and which graphics card did u buy?
  6. Manspackler

    Manspackler Private E-2

    Go to "My Computer" and then "Add Remove Programs" go down to the drivers listed which usually says the maker of your integrated video (intel, S3 Savage, etc). Then just remove it. Turn off your PC and put in the new Card. Boot up and install the new drivers. Basically your PC is not recognizing your new card because you still have the integrated enabled.
    If you already did this sorry but I didn't see it mentioned.
  7. Searcher

    Searcher Private E-2

    Hmm - interesting idea!

    Just out of curiosity, which header is your monitor plugged into? If it's the new graphic card, then it's IMPOSSIBLE to be using the old onboard VGA.

    The fact that you're not getting a better fps result on your game would suggest that there is something else lagging your system; or you're simply unlucky enough to purchase a card that's no better than the one onboard.
  8. fastdogone

    fastdogone Private E-2

    I'm with searcher on this one: I'd like to know what onboard graphic's chip is on your MB, and what is the video card you've installed. I'd also be interested in the Game, Operating system & service pack, and was DX version that you're running.

    If you get video from the new installed card, and you disconnect your video cable and move it to your on-board connector and you get no video. I don't think the on-board video is interferring. I suspect you'll get no video from the on-board chip, which is the way it should be and that it's not interferring with the new video card. If you have some special software (from the PC manfacturer or chipset) installed for the on-board video chip, I'd uninstall it just to be on the safe side.

    If everything checks out, latest DX install, latest MS updates, and the latest video drivers for your new card are installed (go to the manufacturer for the latest video drivers, not windows update!), then go to the Game manufacturer's website and get their latest updates and patches for your game. If it's a "Big-time" game that's fairly new, there could be patches on their site. Also check the Games manufacturer's FAQ for issues of this nature, if you're computer smart enough to know your frame rates aren't up to par, I'll bet others have probably seen that and they may have "setting adjustments" you should make to boost the frame rates up.

    :D :D :D
  9. MellowMan

    MellowMan First Sergeant

    install your new card
    enter bios, disable onboard video
    boot into windows
    install your drivers for your new video card

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