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How do I upgrade my power supply?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Jadeiceman, Jan 23, 2007.

  1. Jadeiceman

    Jadeiceman Private E-2

    Hi, I want to upgrade my crap 300W ATX PSU to this one:
    I don't know if it will fry my motherboard. I have an Amberine M Asustek mobo. Do I need an exact match? How can I find out if I can replace my 300W with this 500W? Is there a limit to the amount of power my motherboard can handle? Thanks in advance.

    Oh yeah... It says on my 300W power supply something like ATX-300-12Z Rev: BD
  2. BCGray

    BCGray Guest

    Just a word to the wise anything that is "FREE" is usually worth it!!!!!.........All 450 - 600 Watt ATX power supply's should work, the most important thing is the connectors as All PSU's put out the same voltages just the connectors vary in some cases.............Its a simply swap just disconnect the Computer from the Power Main(unplug) then open case and disconnect the connectors coming from the PSU to the HD's, MBO etc then undo a few screws and out pops the PSU, you can/should mark the connectors............I would stick with a Brand Name "Thermaltakes" are good and very reasonable in price, but there are plenty of others................That 500w PSU that goes for "FREE" has been going around the circuit for awhile, and have yet to hear anybody claim it is any good. Hope that Helps Hey were are my manners Welcome to Major Geeks
  3. Jadeiceman

    Jadeiceman Private E-2

    You're sure it won't kill my motherboard?

    UKARMYCADET Corporal

    Yes i will back him up. Just get it and shove it into the slots.
    it will just work when you turn on your pc

    I hope this reassures you

  5. Jadeiceman

    Jadeiceman Private E-2

    lol thanks for your help guys

    UKARMYCADET Corporal

    no problem

    and a warm welcome to majorgeeks.
  7. Dickeymoe

    Dickeymoe Private E-2

    OK,I am upgrading my computers video card. I know that I must have at least 300watt's on my now 260watt computer. So I have bought a new power supply which is 480watt's.
    I will post links to my computer,Replacement Video card,and Replacement power supply after this message so you folks know exactly what I am dealing with.

    OK Question one = Is 480watts to much because the specs on the Video card says 300watts? I don't want to fry it. I am not concerned about the rest of the computer. As you will see in the links,the new power supply is in design for the computer I have.

    Question two = If it will work,will I need any special connectors for the Video Card or the new power supply?

    Question Three = Will it work? lol

    Any thing that you can tell me before the power supply and Video card gets here to head off any trouble will be greatly appreciated.

    My computer

    The new Power Supply

    The Video Card.

    Thank you for your time and advice in advance.
  8. Dickeymoe

    Dickeymoe Private E-2

  9. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I hope some of the hardware guys will double check me.

    That power supply should be fine. The 480 wattage is just the maximum capability but it will only draw as much power as necessary. So if your system needs 320 watts that is what the power supply will provide. It won't fry any components. Good working double checking the dimensions on the power supply it looks like you need an odd size one and that one is guaranteed to fit so it should be good. The only thing I notice is that the description says it has the 20+4 and 4pin12v connectors but only 4 molex connectors. Your HD appears to be SATA controlled, does it use a 4 pin molex or sata power connector? Wht about your CD/DVD ROM? If they need the black sata power you may need an adapter as pictured which would connect to the power supply molex and convert to sata to plug into your HD or CDROM.


    It looks like the video card is powered by the PCI-E slot and needs no external power source according to these specs near the bottom. "Supplementary Power Connectors Not Applicable"
    The dimensions of the video card are on the smaller end so I don't think that will be an issue.
  10. Dickeymoe

    Dickeymoe Private E-2

    Thank you Sach2,your response was quick,informative and very understandable for this less then computer novice. Knowing that I should only ( if even ) need a mere adapter plug takes a lot of the worry away.
    All of this is being done through the mail. So if there is a problem,it's not like I can go down to "Best Buy" to trade any thing out. And of course there is the wait involved for shipping as well. Which compounds my worry and paranoia that things just won't work out right.lol

    When I get the components that I require,and put it all together. I will come back and let you know how it all went. If it all goes well,you might save the product information for other poor souls are out there buying the cheapest used HP 7600 so they can upgrade to 4GB of Ram like me for online gaming.
    I had a Dell Inspiron 2GB Ram 2.1GHz computer. When I complained to Steam (online gaming site) that the games were messing up on me,they told me I needed at the very least 3GB of Ram to play today's online video games. I think they may have said some thing about GHZ as well,not sure about that one. Al I know is,if this works out as planned,I will be in the game again.lol

    Once again Sach2,Thank you very much for your help,and your time.

    ( To Sach2's Boss,,,,give em a raise. );)
  11. Dickeymoe

    Dickeymoe Private E-2

    WOO HOO!! I have since installed my Video Card,and Power Supply into my HP 7600. It works great. The only problem that I had was that the Power Supply which was guaranteed to fit,did not. If I put it in they way it looked like it should go in,then the screw holes did not line up. If I put it in to where the screw holes line up,then the frame partially blocks the plug in for the power cord from the wall. My solution was to cut the frame. It looks a little rough back there because I used tin snips,but the area is small. I do not care for aesthetics,only functionality.

    Well,if you have an HP mini tower 7600,and are trying to up grade cheap to play online games,the links below are what I used so that I could do so on mine. Now remember,you don't have to cut the frame on your PC,you could just drill some new screw holes into the Frame. It has enough space on its own frame to do so with out mucking about with the innards of it.

    Below is what works in mine. I said I would come back and let every one know how it went. It went great!

    The computer I bought = HP DC7600 Tower Dual Core 3.4GHz 4GB Memory 250GB Combo Computer


    The power supply I installed = 480W Replace Power Supply for HP DC7600 Convertible MiniTower


    The Video Card I installed = Nvidia Geforce 2GB GT610 Graphic Card HDMI Gaming DVI VGA HD Video PCI

    Last edited: Aug 25, 2012
  12. Dumb_Question

    Dumb_Question First Sergeant

    First, a word on the size of PSUs.
    Most are 140 mm x 150 mm x 86 mm. Some are micro-ATX and are smaller, a very few, I have noticed are 160 mm x 140 mm x 86 mm (if I remember right - but they are bigger. Check the dimensions: a bigger one may not fit in your PC and the holes are very likely not to match up for the micro-ATX size.

    I have a Compaq and with the 'alternative' PSU I bought for it, Octigen, the holes lined up and the whole thing fitted in the hole, correct connectors, but as above, part of the case overlapped with the mains socket so it just wouldn't sit flush with the case. I put the screws in anyway, and tighten them as I saw fit, the PSU seems to work (it has been suggested that it is under-powered) and is mechanically stable but now is raised by about 1 mm at one coirner. I could not have foreseen this without technical drawings and precise measurement.

    Compaq Presario S5160UK DT261A under XP/SP3
    Processor - Celeron 2.7 GHz
    Motherboard - MSI MS-6577 v2.1
    RAM - 1GB + 512MB (1GB +1GB max) DDR PC2700
    PSU - Octigen 300W model 10270PSOTG ('upgraded' from original Bestec 250W PSU [in 2011?])
    Nvidia GeForce 6200 graphics card in AGP slot.

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