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How do some people get their jobs

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by LoneW0lf, Feb 7, 2012.

  1. LoneW0lf

    LoneW0lf Private E-2

    Was watching TV this morning, then it went off (only TV other electrical appliances where fine,) so i went to change the fuse, and noticed on the plug it said 13Amps and the fuse inside was, duh duh duh duh, duh duh:-D 3Amps.So like a dumb*** or is this a smarta** you decide i changed the 3Amp with a 13Amp and the TV blew up i think, it made a noise when i switched it on, and the trip switch went off.
    Would you say it was my fault the TV ain`t working now? oh also changed it with a 3Amp and still nothing.
    The tv had a dead pixel on it when i first got it,and so i`m thinking that perhaps one of the capacitors had snapped or something and it`s that that has damaged the tv.

    I ain`t much of a geek now am i lol.But it`s stupid, on the plug it said 13amp so naturally when the tv goes off and you see a 3amp, you think it`s to do with that.(especially in the morning :zzz:-D)
    This has partly put me off being a tech, cause it`s annoying when you following 'instructions' and it all goes*1*$ up.
  2. sikvik

    sikvik Corporal Karma

    Yes and no.
    The plug you mention- I presume is a power point plug 13(Amps) attached to the TV power cable. The 3 Amp (more than sufficient for a TV) fuse blew due to a short in some circuit within the TV.
    At least the trip switch tripped with the 13 Amp fuse. 13 Amps is a lot of current. Hope the momentary use of the 13 AMP has not fried a board etc..
  3. satrow

    satrow Major Geek Extraordinaire

    A 13Amp fuse (breaker) will allow a little more than 3KW to pass through, better to use something closer to the actual draw of the equipment, like 3 - 5Amps in this case, assuming your TV draws somewhere between 50 - 500Watts.

    Running the lower amperage fuse would provide the equipment with better protection against overheating and subsequent fire risk.

    13 Amp on the plug is the rating for the plug itself, nothing to do with the equipment it connects.
  4. LoneW0lf

    LoneW0lf Private E-2

    Thanks for the replies, the tv is fried, though what i don`t get is i oopened the tv and there was no broken/snapped capacitors, and the tv itself when i first got it had a dead pixel on it, which to me sounds like they mishandled it.And why do they put a 13Amp fuse on the plug if it takes 3 is a bitter stupid though.
    I kinda think it`s my fault but then i think it ain`t.
    Do fuses die? and if so what`s the life expectancy of a fuse?
  5. LoneW0lf

    LoneW0lf Private E-2

    What do you mean by rating of the plug?
    I thought it was the fuse you are meant to use.:confused
  6. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Nope:-DWhere the power cable goes goes into the TV it will have a fuse rating for the TV which will be 3amp,as satrow said that's the maximum rating of the plug.

    And no its not you fault the TV stopped working you should refer to warranty but if your house had burnt down or you got electrofried that would be your fault:-D

    The transformer in the TV has blown and fused on the hot side,I can almost guarantee it,usually due to over heating.A dead pixel won't have caused it.

    You can test it with a multimeter, on the two live pins on the plug it should have an ohm value of about 100-300ohms.
  7. LoneW0lf

    LoneW0lf Private E-2

    Thanks:wave feel so much better now.
  8. Nedlamar

    Nedlamar MajorGeek

    I came to the conclusion years ago that if you are going to use a 13amp fuse then you might as well stick penny's in it because I've never witnessed a 13amp fuse pop, die yes, but not pop.

    For those of you in North America, the UK plugs have a removable fuse inside the actual plug that you insert into the wall.
    For those in the UK, in North America they don't have a fuse or an angle on the cord so you can pull a plug out of the wall by lightly jerking on the cable, as opposed to the UK ones that can stop a stampeding horse without coming out the wall :-D

    Hope you get it sorted out LoneWolf :)
  9. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    I have once I got hold of a 3.1kw motor which is bang on the limit of 13amps,as soon as I turned it on it popped the fuse,the way I got around it was by using 3 pieces of 5amp fuse wire to make a 15amp fuse which worked and it ran perfectly.

    I don't suggest you try that though lonewolf,to pop a 13amp fuse there's 3100 watts of heat/energy going somewhere :eek

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