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How do you remove SpyHunter?

Discussion in 'Software' started by GeekyGreek, May 25, 2013.

  1. GeekyGreek

    GeekyGreek Private E-2

    Helping a friend remove an expired SpyHunter and RegHunter from Enigma Software in Win 7 Pro. Used A/R Programs and it said they uninstalled and are no longer in the list but after reboot, the process and service are still running. The Enigma Software Group folder is still in Program Files with the programs but I don't see an uninstall program. I can't find a removal tool and you can only contact support if you have an active license.
  2. Nick T

    Nick T MajorGeek

  3. GeekyGreek

    GeekyGreek Private E-2

    Thanks. That seems to do the trick. So basically, their uninstall doesn't do much.
  4. Nick T

    Nick T MajorGeek

    You are welcome. :)

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