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How to check laptop battery health?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KathyH, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. KathyH

    KathyH Private E-2

    I just replaced my laptop battery for Dell D410 Y6142. What would be the appropriate steps to check the battery health of this 'new' battery which was purchased on eBay? Thank you..
  2. usafveteran

    usafveteran MajorGeek

    My Compaq notebook PC has software from HP that shows a battery health indicator; it was installed on the computer when I bought it. I don't whether Dell has something similar. But, here's some info from Dell that may be helpful: Dell Laptop Battery FAQ
  3. KathyH

    KathyH Private E-2

    Will check that out. I was under the impression I could go into BIOS to see details including whether it's 'healthy' or not. Thanks for you note...will check it out.
  4. Not sure but go into the DELL FORUM and look/search/ask around about a Dell battery testing program. I had it once but it may not work for newer computers? I THINK it has to run from a floppy but maybe you can use a USB memstick??And yes...I still have a floppy disk and a usb floppy!I know the program I have can change the service tag number in the new Dell computers though.
  5. KathyH

    KathyH Private E-2

    Thanks very much for the response. I'll check and see if I can find that program. I have a external floppy drive I can bring out and attach if necessary.

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