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How to disable BIOS memory caching/shadowing?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by sportcentermaniac, May 19, 2006.

  1. sportcentermaniac

    sportcentermaniac Private E-2

    i have a sony pcgtr3a laptop, and when i connect to my wireless network here at the house, after about 10 minutes i get a blue screen saying i need to disable my BIOS memory shadowing/caching. however, no option gives me those options in the bios setup screen i am going to....(when booting up i push delete) Sony hasn't been too helpful...or helpful at all for that matter, and would greatly appreciate any help i can receive. it only happens when i am connected to the internet on wireless networks.
  2. Gecks

    Gecks Specialist

    Is that the only thing the blue screen says? Most Blue Screens of Death have alot of general suggestions on them, which are usually not bad things to try but are pretty generic.

    Does the Blue screen have an error code that starts with "0x.."? Does it mention a .sys or .dll file?

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