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How To Enable Images While Viewing Mail In Thunderbird

Discussion in 'Software' started by 20Valve, Aug 11, 2007.

  1. 20Valve

    20Valve Sergeant

    I have recently installed and began using Thunderbird. So far, I like it. One thing though, how do I enable image display within the body of an email? I am sure there is a setting somewhere. I can't seem to find it.

  2. Matacumbie

    Matacumbie Rocky Top

    Click on View > Message Body As is set to either "Original HTML" or "Simple HTML".

    If the images are attached to messages: go to the "View" menu and make sure that "Display Attachments Inline" is checked.

  3. 20Valve

    20Valve Sergeant

    Matacumbie -

    I went and checked the setting as you suggested. Original was already enabled. I tried all three settings with no luck. I have a yellow/orange at the top of each message that provides info regarding the message currently being viewed. It has a button to "load images." Images appear when I click it.

    Somehow I have another setting somewhere that needs to changed. Any ideas?

    Thanks for taking the time to help!
  4. Matacumbie

    Matacumbie Rocky Top

    Try Tools > Options > (Advanced if using 1.07 or below) > Privacy > General and uncheck the box for "Block loading of remote images in mail messages

  5. 20Valve

    20Valve Sergeant

    Matacumbie -

    It seems that it was a Zone Alarm setting. After poking around in Zone Alarm I figured it out. If I had mentioned that I had Zone Alarm email setting in my original post I think I would have been set straight from the outset.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. Matacumbie

    Matacumbie Rocky Top

    Just glad you got it figured out, good job. :)


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