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How to find MyComputer > Tools > FolderOptions ???

Discussion in 'Software' started by akm, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. akm

    akm Sergeant

    It embarrassing, but cant figure out how to get to 'My Computer > Tools > Folder Options'.
    On my PC, 'My Computer' just shows a bunch of drives (folders) etc, and the My Computer right-click doesnt show any 'tools' separately or in the 'properties'.
    What are we missing ?
  2. akm

    akm Sergeant

    Thanks much.
    Am always forgetting the main menu bar :(
  3. peterr

    peterr MajorGeek

    >> Go slow = start>control panel>if you can't see folder options, click on 'switch to classic view' and you will see the folder.
    start, see my computer and click on it. When it opens, look at the top and you will see tools. Click on tools and then you will see folder options.

    Write back for help with the original question.
    The experts here have tons of work but will help you as they have helped me. BUT, you have to read their words carefully and look carefully to what they tell you to do. Go slowly and study what you are told. I am not a tech and these techs have really helped if you do your part.

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