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How to make Yahoo Mail remember your Password

Discussion in 'Software' started by sach2, Apr 20, 2008.

  1. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    I find this combination of FF bookmarklet and AddOn very useful for autofilling Username and Password fields on sites that don't let you save login passwords.

    For instance, I have two active yahoo mail accounts and switch between them often. Yahoo required that I manually enter my name and password each time I login (often 3 or 4 times a day). Once I used the Remember Password bookmarklet to force FF to save my login information, I can now just click on the key icon on my Navigation toolbar and it opens a window giving me a choice of accounts to sign into at yahoo mail. Very convenient!

    Get Remember Password and save as FF bookmark.

    Then get Secure Login Addon for FF install and restart FF. Go to the View menu and Toolbars and Customize. Drag the "key icon to the navigation toolbar to the right of the address bar.

    When you go to login to a page that refuses to remember login details; just before entering login info: Click the bookmark and enter login info as usual. Your login info will be saved.

    From then on, anytime you are prompted for login information just click the key icon on the Navigation Toolbar and you will be prompted to allow login. Just click your username and you are logged in. :)

    Sounds a bit complicated but once setup it's great!
  2. plodr

    plodr Major Geek Super Extraordinaire

    All you need is a FF addon, called Cookie Culler. It protects the cookies I want so I do not need to log in to certain sites. All other cookies are wiped so I get a fresh slate every time I start FF.
    I can also click the Cookie Culler icon at any time and remove cookies during any browsing session.
  3. sach2

    sach2 Major Geek Extraordinaire

    The last time I tried to protect my cookies using exceptions, they all got deleted :mad

    I'll give cookie culler a try. My original post was on how to save passwords on sites that don't allow FF to save the password. I know there are other tricks for saving passwords but I just happen to like this one.

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