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How to regain control Panel, Administrator Privileges

Discussion in 'Software' started by Cherice, May 23, 2008.

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  1. Cherice

    Cherice Private E-2

    I had a virus, it was a nasty one. Winavxxx or something like that. Well, finally I stopped it and got it off my computer but it had blocked all access to control panel ajd admin. privileges.

    Is there something I can do maybe in the registry to regain control of my laptop???
  2. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    To enable the control panel:
    Click Start, click Run. Type regedit and press Enter. Navigate to:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/policies/system and there will probably an entry that say "DisableControlPanel" and it will have a value of 1. Right click it, select Modify, and change the value to 0 (zero). If the entry says "Enable ControlPanel" the value will probably be 0 (zero). Change it to 1. Now, navigate to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/policies/system and look for the same entries, and if present, make the same changes. If you're worried about possibly damaging the registry (which is impossible following these steps), you can highlight a registry key that you plan on changing, then click File at the top, click Export, and save it in My Documents before making the changes. That way if something nightmarish happens, you can double click the exported file and it will merge it back into the registry.
    As to your Admin Privileges.... I'm not sure I know exactly what you mean, but try one of these:
    http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4899.html (use the Tools options)
  3. Cherice

    Cherice Private E-2

    Thank-you so every much. There was no option under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/policies/system to disable control panel but there was under the the other section. From there I clicked to view system information and somehow managed to open user accounts and I created a new user and it has full access to admin privileges.
    What I meant by being restricted was, if I tried to get to control panel, even if I right clicked on desktop/properties or tried to view any system settings I would get a pop-up that said that I did not have permission blah blah plz contact system administrator or something like that.
    My new ID seems to have full access to everything so I will simply delete the old ones. Thank-You so much for helping me with this!
    Had I known it was so simple it'd been done a long time ago!
    Thank-you x 1,000,000 really!!!!:celebrate:celebrate:heart
    Please excuse my sloppy writing. Unfortunately in big rush right now
  4. dlb

    dlb MajorGeek

    :highfive :dancer I'm glad I could help and that all is well. :celebrate :drink

  5. Cat_w_9_lives

    Cat_w_9_lives Major KittyCat

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