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HP Compaq DC7600 SFF Computer Upgrade

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Porkiepvfc, Jun 10, 2012.

  1. Porkiepvfc

    Porkiepvfc Private E-2


    Ive recently brought one of these computer and have brought the parts to upgrade it.

    Both 2x1gb ram and a dual core processor.

    I added both sticks of ram and on start up i get this error '214-DIMM Configuration warning. Populated DIMM Configuration is not optimized. Rearrange the DIMMs so that each channel has the same amount of memory.'

    And this error,

    '1801-Microcode Update Error' About Processor Stepping'

    Could anyone give me any help with any of these errors?

  2. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind


    For reference

    Obviously the computer is detecting different sized modules or they are different or incompatible,can you post ALL the information from both sticks of ram please,everything written on the side of BOTH sticks even if you bought them together.

    AFAICT your cpu should be supported with a bios update,if you've never flashed a bios before read the instructions very carefully one its started it mustn't be interrupted or your computer will be permanently damaged without changing the bios chip or motherboard double check your product is listed-


    These are the CPU steppings the update will add support for,if you still have the box for the cpu you can match the stepping to the list.

  3. Porkiepvfc

    Porkiepvfc Private E-2


    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    The sticks read,

    1GB 2Rx8
    1GB 2Rx8

    As for the cpu, I have downloaded the the file which then allows me to see different files such as flashbin.exe i understand the rules of flashing just a bit unsure how to start the process. I gather I would need to do it from start up? Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    Your ram sticks are identical so i would assume its a problem within the bios which the bios update may fix,I would like to know how much ram the the computer see's,how far does the computer get in the boot process,can you see the post screen does it load windows?

    You will have to have a working computer so unfortunately you'll have to dissemble the computer and reinstall your old cpu if your computer doesn't work to perform the flash within windows then reinstall the new CPU.

    There is no way around this really.

  5. Porkiepvfc

    Porkiepvfc Private E-2

    When i try to execute flashbin it comes up with command prompt says please wait then dissapears ?

    Any ideas why this may be?

    The ram sticks come up in system at being 1.99gb ?


    Sorry for the late reply
  6. Porkiepvfc

    Porkiepvfc Private E-2

    any ideas?

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