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Hp pavillion dv6000 overheating/fan problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Shairyl, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Shairyl

    Shairyl Private E-2

    Ok, so here is my situation. My son got a broken hp pavilion dv6000, and I told him I would try to fix it for him. It started as an AMD system (dv6324) that had a fried GPU. I bought a new "refurbished" motherboard on Ebay - which had the same old beep error code with no video. So, after trying 3 more times with "refurbished" ebay parts, and returning all the bad AMD motherboards I decided to try switching to an intel motherboard (434722-001) which was supposed to be more reliable, and I bought a new cpu and fan (I found all the other components were compatible). I tried installing it this time with the 3 stacked copper shims layered with Arctic Silver 5 that I saw suggested online, rather than the old thermal pad that Hp uses. I put the computer back together installed 64 bit Vista enterprise, and it runs! However, the GPU just keeps heating up. I updated the video driver, installed the latest BIOS F.29, disabled C4, and installed Speed Fan. The cpu never gets above 55C, but the GPU heats up to over 140 C! The fan runs initially as Vista starts, but then it shuts off until the computer starts getting really hot. As it gets hotter, the fan kicks in intermittently for three seconds then shuts off for 10 seconds. This never seems to cool the GPU. I am at a loss as what I should try next. Could this be another motherboard problem (it has a fine video display), or a fan issue, or a setting/driver issue, or a heatsink issue? I think I will try to reinstall the old thermal pad instead of using the copper shims, but I am not hopeful. I have heard many people say that their fans run constantly, but mine doesn't. What could cause that other than the BIOS which I made sure to update? Any ideas would be appreciated.
  2. Rikky

    Rikky Wile E. Coyote - One of a kind

    First check your bios for a setting called smart fan control or similar and try disabling or enabling.

    How many pins does the fan have?

    It sounds like the fan controller is on the blink or the fan is broken,have you tried testing the fan on a 12v output?Does it spin up to full speed?If it has the same connector as a system fan or your laptop CPU fan you could try it like that,other than that stick some pins into the black and red wire connectors and connect it to a dc source.

    What I would do if the fan works is to hot wire the GPU fan,i.e find a 12V output somewhere near it and couple the GPU fan to it that's how I have my desktop setup,a system fan header has a 12V output so look for one of those,so does the hard drive and cdrom.You could also couple it to the cpu fan,it shouldn't effect the CPU temp as the motherboard will just increase the fan speed to compensate,you can keep an eye on it anyway with speedfan.

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