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I am having an issue with a wavy download speed / connection

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Frankly Confused, Jul 3, 2008.

  1. Frankly Confused

    Frankly Confused Private E-2

    I am having an issue with a wavy download speed / connection

    I clicked a misleading application and was infested. Trojan Vundo was one of the little buggers that I caught. Sorry I was a fool and did not keep a log of what else was found. Did not know much about viruses at the time. I followed the software prompts and removed anything and everything found. Hours and days of scans removed and cleaned the system. I still had internet and download issues. I became sick of the whole deal and reformatted and recovered the system. Nothing changed and scans are always clean. I thought maybe I did the reformat wrong so I reformatted again. Nothing changed and scans are always clean. Well at this point I notice that when windows update installs IE 7 the system takes a turn for the worse. Slow internet and horrible to nonresponsive downloads. Well I had a thought let’s give Fire Fox 3 a chance. I reformatted and recovered again and installed only Fire Fox 3 and cancelled the install of IE7 when the windows updater asked me to install. Internet is better much better than before but downloads are questionable. There must be some sort of program that is avoiding detection and removal on a recovery. What can I do to get my system back to working order? I sometimes get a DCHP server fail error when I run the automatic networking test program that comes with Window XP ME Service pack 2.

    I play GuildWars PVP and it is detrimental to have a solid connection and good download speed. Well that’s the problem I don’t. I have a great connection then it dips to slow and then bad back to great and back down. It is frustrating. Is there anything I can do to ensure performance? Before the infection I never had an issue. :confused

    Thanks in advance

    Frankly Confused
  2. Frankly Confused

    Frankly Confused Private E-2

    Can’t find an edit button?

    I have checked with my Internet provider when the problem first occurred. Back a few weeks. They say modem looks good and they show no issues (I also get Cable from them and it is fine) No issues before infection

    I have a ping monitor that I can view on Guild Wars, and when I mean wavy… it is Like 10 seconds great connection 7 seconds average connection 30 seconds poor, and back and forth back and forth. Downloads are at and initial 200 K Transfer rate range at start and dwindle down to a 30-50 K transfer rate and sometimes it goes to 2-10K or even a disconnect. I think before infection it was 500 range.

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